How to block Allahabad bank ATM card instantly?

Allahabad bank provides the option to block the ATM card if you have forgotten it. In this post, we will see how to block Allahabad bank atm card online and offline within a minute so that there will be no loss or theft of money from your account. Allahabad bank is a National bank in India that provides all digital services to its customer for easy access to their account. One such service is to block the atm card instantly.

How to block Allahabad bank ATM card

How to Block Allahabad bank ATM card?

There are three easy methods to do this –

  1. By calling customer care
  2. By sending SMS
  3. From internet banking

Method 1 – How to block Allahabad Bank ATM card by sending SMS?

You require a registered mobile number for this method to work. This method is the fastest and blocks your card almost instantly.

  1. Open the SMS app on your mobile phone.
  2. Please type the following message and send it to 9223150150

    BLOCKCARD <space> Last six digits of the card number

    e.g., BLOCK 123456 send it on 9289592895

    You can also send BLOCKACCT <space> last six digits of the account number to 9289592895

  3. once you send the SMS, you will reply that atm card blocking is successful.

Method 2 – How to block Allahabad Bank ATM card by calling customer care?

  1. From your registered mobile number, dial 04425279897  OR 180042500000 and wait for the call to get connected. ( Other numbers to block debit card are – 044-25279898, 044-25279899, 044-25279884
  2. Ask the customer executive to block your ATM card.
  3. Give them details like account number, date of birth, etc.
  4. After your identity is confirmed, the executive will block your atm card.

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Method 3 – How to Block Allahabad Bank ATM card through Internet Banking?

This method is best for those who don’t have a registered mobile number with them and want to block Allahabad debit/atm card instantly.

  1. Open the internet banking website on your smartphone/computer –
  2. Now, log in with your user id and password.
  3. From the main dashboard, click on ATM services from the menu.
  4. Now click on the Block ATM card option from the menu to continue.
  5. Select your card number, type the reason for blocking, and then click on the Block button.

Your card is now blocked successfully.

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In this guide, we have seen how to block Allahabad Bank ATM card by using three methods. If you have any queries regarding your atm card being lost, please feel free to write it in the comment section below.

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  1. You can call custmer care to block the card. Verify your identity by telling them your registered mobile number and account number, name etc.

  2. i have lost my atm card along with my phone, i want to block the card but i didnt have my phone no any more plz suggest me

  3. I had sent message BLOCK 004248 on 09223150150 to block my debit card but it is showing an error like this
    “You have sent wrong message code. Please send the correct message again.”
    So tell me the correct way to send message to block my debit card