RBL bank internet banking registration online

RBL bank provides online services via Internet banking, mobile banking and UPI payments. Most used online service by customers is Internet Banking. RBL Bank gives a facility to register for internet banking online. Now you don’t need to visit the bank branch for internet banking registration and activation. In this guide, we will see how to do RBL Bank Internet banking registration online without going to a branch.

RBL bank Internet Banking registration online

Things required for RBL Bank Internet banking registration

  1. RBL Bank Debit card number, Expiry date and CVV or ATM PIN.
  2. RBL Credit card Number – If you have RBL credit card, then keep the card number handy while registration process.
  3. Registered Mobile number with the bank must be with you to receive OTP.
  4. If you don’t know the Debit card or Credit card, you can register with CIF number and PAN.

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How to register for RBL Internet Banking online. Step by step guide for RBL Bank Internet banking registration

  • Step1: Open the RBL Internet banking website on your computer/smartphone – https://online.rblbank.com/corp/
  • Step2: Click on Register option from the opened page.click on register in rbl website
  • Step3: On the new screen, select your suitable option. We currently have RBL SuperCard credit card, so we choose the Credit Card option. If you have a bank account then select the Debit card option.select phrase and secure image
  • Step4: Enter the required details and click on Submit button.
  • Step5: On the new screen, click on Generate OTP button.click on generate otp
  • Step6: You will receive OTP on your registered mobile number.
  • Step7: Enter this OTP on the screen and click on the Continue button.
  • Step8: After successful OTP verification, you can generate User ID and Password.create user id for rbl credit card login
  • Step9: Enter the User ID of your choice. The Password should be 8 to 24 characters long and must include at least one number, special character and one alphabet.
  • Step10: Remember the User ID and password. Click on Submit button to proceed.
  • Step11: Now you have to set the Phrase and Secure Image. This is done to secure yourself from phishing websites. Every time you log in to the website, you can verify the phrase and secure image to make sure the website is authentic and you are not opening any phishing website.select phrase and secure image
  • Step12: You can set any phrase of your liking. Also, select any of the images from the given set. Click the Update button to proceed further.
  • Step13: The registration process is now complete.

Login to RBL Net banking for first time

  • Step14: You can log in with your user id and password.
  • Step15: After login, you need to set the Security questions and answers. These Q&A are required if you forgot the password or user id and you don’t have a registered mobile number with you.
  • Step16: Select any question from the drop-down list and type the answer for the question. Make sure to remember the answer you typed here.set security questions
  • Step17: Select three different questions and answer them. Click on Continue button to go to the dashboard of your RBL account.
  • Step18: From the Main home screen, you can now view your account details/credit card details/loan details.
  • Step19: You can manage the personal details from the login screen, do the money transfer, add beneficiary and much more using RBL internet banking.

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You can easily register for RBL internet banking online from home. In this guide, we have seen step by step guide for RBL Bank internet banking registration online. If you have any doubt/query regarding the information provided in this guide, write to us in the comment section below. Always happy to help!! ?

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