SBI Bank Holidays in Bihar 2024 PDF Download

SBI Bank is India’s biggest bank. SBI has branches many branches in Bihar. In this guide, we are going to see the SBI Bank holidays in Bihar 2024 The guide provides a list of public holidays, festivals, and Weekend holidays. In the end, you can download the holiday list PDF file.

SBI Bank Holidays in Bihar 2024

Here is a list of holidays with holiday names, dates, and days for SBI Bank Holidays in Bihar. The list is sorted month-wise so that you can check the holidays in the current month for Bihar.




Maha Shivaratri   18 Feb 2024 Sunday
Bihar Day    22 Mar 2024 Friday
Ram Navami   30 March 2024 Saturday
Dr Ambedkar Jayanti    14 Apr 2024 Sunday
May Day    1 May 2024 Wednesday
Bakrid / Eid al Adha   29 Jun 2024 Saturday
Muharram   29 Jul 2024 Monday
Janmashtami   7 Sep 2024 Saturday
Eid e Milad    28 Sep 2024 Saturday
Vijaya Dashami    24 Oct 2024 Thursday
Diwali    13 Nov 2024 Wednesday
Chhath Puja    19 Nov 2024 Tuesday
Chhath Puja Holiday    20 Nov 2024 Wednesday


Apart from this, there are Saturdays and Sundays, which are weekly-off for SBI Bank –

Each Sunday is Holiday and every Second and Fourth Saturday is Holiday.

List of Saturdays and Sundays Holiday for SBI Bank in 2024 –

Date Day
07-Jan-24 Sunday
13-Jan-24 Saturday
14-Jan-24 Sunday
21-Jan-24 Sunday
27-Jan-24 Saturday
28-Jan-24 Sunday
04-Feb-24 Sunday
10-Feb-24 Saturday
11-Feb-24 Sunday
18-Feb-24 Sunday
24-Feb-24 Saturday
25-Feb-24 Sunday
03-Mar-24 Sunday
09-Mar-24 Saturday
10-Mar-24 Sunday
17-Mar-24 Sunday
23-Mar-24 Saturday
24-Mar-24 Sunday
31-Mar-24 Sunday
07-Apr-24 Sunday
13-Apr-24 Saturday
14-Apr-24 Sunday
21-Apr-24 Sunday
27-Apr-24 Saturday
28-Apr-24 Sunday
05-May-24 Sunday
11-May-24 Saturday
12-May-24 Sunday
19-May-24 Sunday
25-May-24 Saturday
26-May-24 Sunday
02-Jun-24 Sunday
08-Jun-24 Saturday
09-Jun-24 Sunday
16-Jun-24 Sunday
22-Jun-24 Saturday
23-Jun-24 Sunday
29-Jun-24 Saturday
30-Jun-24 Sunday
07-Jul-24 Sunday
13-Jul-24 Saturday
14-Jul-24 Sunday
21-Jul-24 Sunday
27-Jul-24 Saturday
28-Jul-24 Sunday
04-Aug-24 Sunday
10-Aug-24 Saturday
11-Aug-24 Sunday
18-Aug-24 Sunday
24-Aug-24 Saturday
25-Aug-24 Sunday
01-Sep-24 Sunday
08-Sep-24 Sunday
14-Sep-24 Saturday
15-Sep-24 Sunday
22-Sep-24 Sunday
28-Sep-24 Saturday
29-Sep-24 Sunday
06-Oct-24 Sunday
12-Oct-24 Saturday
13-Oct-24 Sunday
20-Oct-24 Sunday
26-Oct-24 Saturday
27-Oct-24 Sunday
03-Nov-24 Sunday
09-Nov-24 Saturday
10-Nov-24 Sunday
17-Nov-24 Sunday
23-Nov-24 Saturday
24-Nov-24 Sunday
01-Dec-24 Sunday
08-Dec-24 Sunday
14-Dec-24 Saturday
15-Dec-24 Sunday
22-Dec-24 Sunday
28-Dec-24 Saturday
29-Dec-24 Sunday

Bihar Holiday List 2024 PDF Download

You can now download PDF and save it to your phone and check the holiday list anytime you want without visiting any website online.

Here is the link to download the PDF file –


Summary –

We have seen the complete list of the public, festival, and weekly off holidays for SBI Bank holidays in Bihar 2024. In case you want to see the yearly calendar for SBI Bank, you can check it from here – Yearly calendar for SBI Bank Holidays in 2024