Karnataka SBI Holiday List 2022

In Karnataka, SBI Bank has a total of 25 Holidays. Please check the below table and know the Karnataka SBI Holiday List 2022 datewise and months wise. Please note that the holidays mentioned below may change according to the flexible occasions in the state. Also, All Sundays, Second and Fourth Saturdays will be Holidays for All branches in the States.

Karnataka SBI Holiday List 2022 –


January 3, Monday, 2022 Maha Shivaratri
January 14, Friday, 2022 Makara Sankranti
January 26, Wednesday, 2022 Republic Day
March 5, Saturday, 2022 Idul Fitr
April 2, Saturday, 2022 Ugadi
April 14, Thursday, 2022 Dr Ambedkar Jayanti
April 14, Thursday, 2022 Mahavir Jayanti
April 15, Friday, 2022 Good Friday
May 1, Sunday, 2022 May Day
May 3, Tuesday, 2022 Basava Jayanti
July 10, Sunday, 2022 Bakrid / Eid al Adha
August 8, Monday, 2022 Muharram
August 15, Monday, 2022 Independence Day
August 31, Wednesday, 2022 Ganesh Chaturthi
September 25, Sunday, 2022 Mahalaya Amavasya
October 2, Sunday, 2022 Gandhi Jayanti
October 4, Tuesday, 2022 Maha Navami
October 5, Wednesday, 2022 Vijaya Dashami
October 9, Sunday, 2022 Eid e Milad
October 9, Sunday, 2022 Maharishi Valmiki Jayanti
October 24, Monday, 2022 Deepawali
October 24, Monday, 2022 Deepavali Holiday
November 1, Tuesday, 2022 Kannada Rajyothsava
November 22, Tuesday, 2022 Kanakadasa Jayanti
December 25, Sunday, 2022 Christmas Day

How to check SBI Holiday in SBI Quick App?

You can also get a monthly holiday calendar for your state using SBI Quick App.

  1. Download the App
  2. Open the app and tap on Holiday Calendar.
  3. Select the “State” or “Circle” and Month.
  4. You can now see the holiday calendar for the particular month.
  5. Tap on the Red Date to view the holiday occasion or festival.

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