Syndicate bank balance enquiry : How to check Syndicate bank balance in 1 minute

Syndicate Bank provides digital services to its customers. These online services include Internet banking, mobile banking, missed call banking, UPI transactions, and a lot more. Using these services, you can do most of your banking work from home. One such service is checking account balance. Nowadays, checking account balances has become so easy. In this post, I have explained how to check Syndicate bank balance enquiry online in just 1 minute.

Syndicate bank balance enquiry

Methods of Syndicate bank balance enquiry

There are several ways to check syndicate bank account balance online. All these methods are mentioned below –

  1. Through Missed Call
  2. Through Internet Banking
  3. Using Mobile Banking
  4. Through UPI App
  5. Via *99# NUUP service
  6. Through ATM

We will now see syndicate account balance check using all these methods in detail.

Method 1 – Check Syndicate bank account balance by giving a missed call

  1. From your registered mobile number, open a dial pad and dial the below number.
    Syndicate Bank Balance check the toll-free number9210332255
  2. Now, wait for the call to connect and don’t disconnect in-between.
  3. The call will now disconnect automatically
  4. On your phone, you can now see an SMS that contains your account balance information
  5. Open this SMS, and you can check your Syndicate bank balance right on your phone.

How to register for Syndicate SMS banking

  • Open the SMS app from your mobile and type the following format – SREG <Customer-ID>
  • Enter your customer ID in the <Customer-ID> field. You can get the customer id printed on the passbook.

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Method 2 – Syndicate Bank balance Enquiry using Internet Banking

  1. Open a Syndicate bank internet banking website on your computer or mobile
  2. Log in with your user id and password.
  3. From the main screen, click on the Accounts Option from the horizontal menu.
  4. Now select your account number, and you can see the account balance mentioned on the screen.

You can also check the mini statement of your account from this screen.

Method 3 – How to check Syndicate bank balance using Synd ePassbook App

Syndicate bank has also provided a mobile app called Synd ePassbook. You can see your account balance using this app.

  1. Download the Synd ePassbook App from the play store PlayStore or AppStore and open it on your phone.

    Download Synd ePassbook App for Android

    Download Synd ePassbook App for iOS

  2. Login with your account credentials.
  3. On the main screen, select your account number.
  4. You can now see the account balance on your screen.

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Method 4 – Use UPI App to check Syndicate bank balance Account balance

UPI app is currently the most used app for banking transactions. You can check the Syndicate bank account balance using such apps within 1 minute.

  1. Download Any UPI app from the play store. Currently, I am using PhonePe app, and it’s great.

    Download PhonePe for Android and iOS

  2. Open a PhonePe app and register with your bank registered mobile number.
  3. Now create a UPI ID using your Debit card details and set a UPI PIN.
  4. Once the registration process is completed, select the Balance Enquiry option from the home screen.
  5. Select Syndicate Bank and enter your UPI PIN.
  6. You can now see your syndicate bank balance enquiry information on your screen.

You can read a detailed guide about how to register for PhonePe UPI App

Method 5 – Use *99# service to check Syndicate bank account balance without internet

Using this method, you will be able to check your account balance without the internet on your phone.

  1. Dial *99# from your registered mobile number.
  2. Register for *99# service if you are a first-time user.
  3. Now, from the main menu, select Check balance and tap OK.
  4. Now enter the UPI PIN, and you can see your account balance on your phone screen.

Read a detailed guide about how to register for NUUP *99# service.

Method 6 – Offline Method for Syndicate Bank Balance Enquiry

If you don’t have an Internet connection or you don’t have a registered mobile number with you, then you can use this offline and regular method of checking your account balance.

  1. Insert an ATM card into the ATM.
  2. Enter your ATM PIN and select the check balance Enquiry option from the screen.
  3. You can now see your account balance.


Various online methods can make syndicate bank balance Enquiry. In this guide, all the available methods to check syndicate bank account balance are explained. In case you have any doubts regarding this article, feel free to write them down in the comment section below.

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  3. Only you can check your bank balance using your registered mobile number. Follow the guide to check your syndicate bank balance online

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