How to open QR code in Google Pay?

Google Pay is a UPI and bill payment App made by Google for India. You can transfer money by entering the UPI ID, Mobile number or simply scanning the QR code. You can easily pay money in the local shops by scanning the QR code. But what if you want to receive money by showing your QR code? For this, you need to open QR code in Google Pay.

how to open qr code in google pay

If you don’t want to share your UPI ID or Mobile number, Google Pay allows you to generate a QR code. You can share this QR code to receive money from any unknown person. In this post, we are going to see how to open QR code in Google Pay and how to share a QR code with anyone.

Why you should use a QR code instead of a UPI ID or Mobile Number?

QR code is the safest way to receive money. The sender may know your personal mobile number if you share a Google Pay-linked mobile number OR may know your name by judging UPI ID. Many times default UPI ID is your mobile number, so it is very risky to share such a default UPI ID. however you can change the UPI ID from the UPI ID, but it is advisable to use the most secure way, i.e., QR code.

So the ultimate aim of this post is to let you know the importance of QR code and how to open it in Google Pay. So, now let’s know how to generate a QR code in Google pay and open it.

Steps to open QR code in Google Pay

Follow these steps in your Google Pay App

  1. Open Google Pay and log in with a Fingerprint Scanner/ PIN.
  2. On the top right corner, tap on your Profile Picture.tap on profile picture on gogle pay app
  3. You can view your linked mobile number and UPI ID on the screen. On this screen, tap again on the profile photo.
  4. You can now view the QR code on the screen. Take a screenshot of this QR code and crop it to hide the UPI ID below the QR code.QR code in google pay
  5. You can change the bank account on this page to receive money from a different bank account. Each bank account will have different QR codes.
  6. You can now share this QR code via WhatsApp, telegram, or Messenger.

This is how you can open a QR code in GPay and open share it with anyone.

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