How to stop credit card calls completely

Are you getting frequent Calls asking you to take credit cards? Are you tired of taking and denying such credit card calls? Then this guide is for you. In this guide, we will see how to stop credit card calls and completely stop the spam calls made by banks, firms.

How to stop credit card calls

Every Bank Lending Firm has its plan for marketing and increasing its customer base. All such firms make phone calls to individuals and ask whether they want a credit card and try to convert them into customers by offering the best deal, the best credit card limit. Banks, Firms maintain their own database and have separate departments for such calls/communication. But some individual like me don’t want to take calls and gets frustrated by answering credit card calls and denying them every time. Even at times, they keep calling you every day and insist you take a card with such and such offer.

To stop such credit calls a few methods are explained in this guide to stop such irritating Credit card calls. We will see a few methods in detail.

Methods to stop credit card calls

  1. Activate Do Not Disturb Service
  2. Remove your number from a particular Bank/firm by submitting a ‘do not call request’.

We will see each method in detail –

Method 1 – Activate DND to stop credit call

Most of the calls will be blocked if you activate Do Not Disturb Service on your SIM card. This service is provided by DoT and it is made to stop such telemarketing calls which are irrelevant to you.

  1. Get your mobile phone and dial 1909
  2. Once the call is connected, select your preferred language.
  3. Now, select the “Activate DND” option from the IVRS menu.
  4. Select the “Activate Full DND” option to stop most of the credit card calls.
  5. Select “5” to confirm your selection.
  6. Within 3 days, Full DND will be activated on your mobile number.

Using this method, about 80% of calls were blocked for me. But still, I kept getting some calls (which irritated me). So I did some research and found that you can stop every credit card call you get. Keep reading to learn this trick –

Method 2 – How to stop Credit card calls by submitting a “Do Not Call” form on the bank’s website –

Even if you Activate the DND service on your number, some companies still get your number and call you regularly to take the card. I also encountered the same issue with Kotak Bank, and they were literally calling me daily to take their credit card even though I told them not to call again. Then I found a solution explained here in this article to stop Kotak bank credit card calls completely. Similarly, you can stop credit card calls from every bank, which is explained below –

A] How to stop Kotak Mahindra Bank Credit card calls

  1. Open Kotak Mahindra Bank Website on your computer –
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the page and find the option “Do Not Call” option under the Customer Service Section.
    How to stop credit card calls completely 1
  3. The new page will display information about the do not call service. Click on the ‘Do Not Call‘ button on this page.How to stop credit card calls completely 2
  4. The new screen shows you the online form. Fill in all the required details in this form. i.e., First Name, Last Name, Email ID, Mobile Number, Select if you are a Kotak Bank customer, CAPTCHA code.
  5. Click on the  I Accept button to submit the form.How to stop credit card calls completely 3

You will not get any credit card call from Kotak Mahindra Bank now.

B] How to stop Axis Bank Credit card calls

  1. Ope the Asix Bank website on your computer/smartphone –
  2. Scroll to the bottom and click on the “Do Not Call Registry” option from the Others section.stop axis bank credit card calls
  3. You can now view the process to register for DND service if you haven’t done already. You will also get the Axis bank customer care number to stop credit card calls.
  4. Call the mentioned number and ask to stop making credit card calls on your number.
  5. Your request will be accepted after taking the required information from you.

C. How to stop SBI credit card calls

  1. Ope the SBI Card website on your computer/smartphone –
  2. Scroll to the bottom and find the Do not disturb option from the menu.stop SBI credit card calls
  3. On the new screen, Enter the details asked in the form i.e. – Name, Email, Mobile Number, etc.stop SBI credit card calls2
  4. Click on Verify Mobile number, and you will receive OTP on your number. Enter this OTP to verify your mobile number.
  5. After filling in all required details, click on Submit button to submit the stop credit card calls request.

You will not receive Credit card calls from SBI from now on.

D. How to stop credit card calls from HDFC Bank

  1. Open the HDFC Bank website on your computer/mobile –
  2. Scroll to the bottom and click on “Do-Not-Call-Registration” from the  Need Help section.stop credit card calls from hdfc bank
  3. On the new window, enter your details in the form – Full Name, Mobile Number/Landline Number, Email ID, City, etc.
  4. After filling in all required details correctly, click on SUBMIT button.
  5. Your application is now submitted, and you will not get any Credit card calls from HDFC Bank.

E. How to stop Credit card calls from ICICI bank

  1. Open the ICICI bank website on your computer/smartphone –
  2. Click on the Do Not Call Registry option at the bottom of the page.stop icici bank credit card calls
  3. Now, you will get the procedure to activate DND on your phone on the new screen. You can also send an Email mentioned on the page to stop the credit card calls from ICICI bank.
  4. Alternatively, you can fill up the form by clicking on Post a Complaint option on the page.
  5. Fill up the details in form I,e – First Name, Last name, Personal Email, Mobile Number on which you want to stop the calls. Also, Enter the call received and the purpose of the call.
  6. Finally, fill in the captcha code and click on the Save button.

All the calls from the ICICI bank are now stopped on your mobile number.

F. Stop RBL Bank credit card calls

  1. Open the RBL Bank website on your computer/smartphone –
  2. Scroll to the bottom and click on the “Do Not Call Registry” option under the Customer Care option.stop credit card calls from rbl bank
  3. On the new page, enter the required information in the form, such as Full Name, City, Phone Number/Mobile Number, Tick Mark on the “Do Not Call” Option, Email ID.
  4. Once all the details are filled in correctly, submit the captcha, and click on the Submit button.

All the Calls from RBL bank are now blocked, and you will now get any calls.

> How to stop credit card calls from every other bank?

If you are getting calls from the bank which is not mentioned above, you can still block the calls.

  1. Open the particular bank website and scroll at the bottom.
  2. Find the option Do Not Call/ Do Not Call Registry/ DND Serive / etc.
  3. Enter the details asked in the form, such as Name, Mobile Number, Email ID, etc.
  4. Submit the form to stop the credit card / Loan calls from the banks/firms.
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  1. how to stop bajaj finserv calls? They daily calls from different numbers even after DND. Is there anything we can do legaly as well?

  2. This does not feel right.
    To register for DND you need to give more personally identifiable information like full name and email id.

  3. Axis, HDFC and Bajaj finance are mot nuisance financial institutions. Cheap banks. Everyday they will call. Nothing worked for me for AXIS and HDFC

  4. thanks for the suggestion, I have filled the do not disturb form in several banks, let’s see if its works or not, I am receiving the SMS and calls both, don’t know SMS will also be blocked or not.

  5. Hi, What type of error you are getting? Please enter your mobile number in “Mobile Number field”.

  6. Thanks for the information. As you stated same way I try to register with rbl bank but am received error. Kindly assist if possible.