How to do PNB net banking registration online? [In 5 minutes]

Panjab National Bank customers can register for an Internet banking facility online without going to the bank. Using your smartphone or computer you will be able to do PNB net banking registration within 5 minutes. In this guide, we will see the step-by-step procedure for PNB internet banking registration online and PNB net banking activation for first-time use.

PNB Net Banking Registration Online

Things required for PNB net banking registration online –

  • Registered Mobile Number – You must have the mobile number which is registered with the bank. Also, the mobile number should be active and able to receive OTP via SMS.
  • Account Number – Your account number of the PNB account. You can get the account number on Passbook, Cheque Book and Welcome Kit receive while opening the account.
  • Debit Card – You must have the PNB debit card with you. A card number and ATM PIN should be known. Read How to generate PNB debit card ATM PIN?.
  • PAN number – A PAN card number of the account holder.
  • Date of Birth – The date of birth of the Account holder must be known.

How to do PNB Net Banking Registration Online?

Follow these simple steps exactly to complete the process and you can access your PNB account online –

  1. Open the PNB netbanking website on your computer/smartphone –
  2. Select the “Retail Internet Banking” or “Corporate Internet Banking” option from the opened page.
  3. Now, from the login screen, click on the “NEW USER?” option.
  4. On the window, you can now fill out the registration form.
  5. In the first section, enter your PNB account number correctly.How to do PNB net banking registration online? [In 5 minutes] 1
  6. Next, enter your Date of Birth in DD/MM/YYYY
  7. If you are not sure about the Date of birth, then select PAN and enter your PAN card number correctly.
  8. Also, select ‘Registration for both Internet & Mobile Banking”.
  9. Click on VERIFY button to submit the details.
  10. Once your personal details are verified, you will receive an OTP on your registered mobile number.enter otp for pnb net banking registration
  11. Enter this OTP on the page and click on the Continue button.
  12. Now, you need to enter the debit card number and the ATM PIN. Then click on the Continue button.enter debit card number and atm pin to register for pnb netbankin
  13. Now, you can set the password for your PNB netbanking registration. You have to set two different passwords – Login Password and Transaction Password.set pnb login password and transaction password
  14. Make sure that both the passwords should be different than each other. After you enter the passwords, tick in front of the terms and conditions statement and click on the Complete Registration button.
  15. Your registration process is now complete. Make note of your USER ID that you need to enter during every login on pnb net banking site. Click on Go to Login Page button to login for the first time.pnb net banking online registration completed

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Now that you have created PNB user ID and password, you need to activate your internet banking account by logging in for the first time. We will see how to do it step by step –

PNB net banking registration and activation for first-time login –

  1. On the login page, enter your User ID and Password. Also, select the language and default login page.enter user id and password to first time login in pnb
  2. Now you will receive OTP on your registered mobile number. Enter this OTP on the screen and click on the Continue button.
  3. From the new page, you have to select the security questions. These questions are then used for recovering your password if you forgot in the future. You can select a total of 7 questions (out of 50) and set your custom answers to each question.set security questions in pnb net banking
  4. Once you set the answers, make sure that you remember them and do not share these answers with anyone. At the end of the page, click on the Register button.
  5. For added security PNB netbanking has introduced Phrase-Image combination. You can set any phrase and select the image from the list. This combination will then displayed every time you log in to the net banking and you have to verify if it’s correct. This will prevent any fake sites from taking your login data.set image phrase security for pnb netbanking
  6. Once you set the phrase and select the image, click on the Update button.
  7. Done! your PNB net banking activation is now complete.

You can now access your account and perform any transaction or update your KYC details and much more.

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You can easily so a PNB netbanking regisration online. We have seen easy steps for PNB net banking registration and activation process. If you have any doubts/queries regarding the information provided in this article, please write to us in the comment section below.

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