How to do BOI transaction password reset in 2 minutes

Bank of India provides online services to its customers for easy access to their accounts. BOI provides the transaction password for some crucial and important transactions as a security major. To avail of some transactions, you will need to enter the transaction password. This BOI transaction password is different from the login password, and if you forget the transaction password, you will need to reset it. In this guide, we will see BOI transaction password reset within two minutes.

BOI transaction password reset

Things required for BOI transaction password reset process

  1. Mobile Number registered with the bank should be with you while doing this process.
  2. Internet Banking Username and password.
  3. ATM card Number, Expiry date, and ATM PIN.

Step by step guide for BOI transaction password reset

  1. Open the BOI net banking website on your computer/phone –
  2. Click on the Personal Banking option to log in.
  3. Log in with your BOI User ID and Password.
  4. From the main dashboard, click on the Options on options menu
  5. From the new screen, click on the Regenerate Transaction Password on regenerate transaction password
  6. You will receive OTP on your registered mobile number. Enter this OTP on the screen, and then click on the Continue button.enter otp for boi transaction password reset
  7. On the new screen, enter the Debit card number, Expiry Date, and ATM PIN and then click on the Continue button.enter debit card number and pin
  8. Once the details are verified, you can now enter the New transaction password.enter new transaction password
  9. Re-enter the same password and click on the Continue button to save the password.
  10. BOI transaction password reset is now successful, and the same will be informed to you by SMS.

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Important things to remember for BOI transaction password reset

  1. You need a fund transfer facility in your internet banking account to be able to reset the transaction password.
  2. If you enter the wrong details of the Debit card, you cannot change the transaction password for another 24 hrs.
  3. You cannot change the transaction password for another seven days.
  4. If you have changed your mobile number recently, then wait for 24 hrs to change the transaction password of your boi account.

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Summary –

You can change the BOI transaction password online sitting at home from your mobile or computer. In this guide, we have seen the easy method for BOI transaction password reset in detail and step by step guide. In case you have any doubts/queries/questions about this information, you can write in the comment section below.

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  1. I reset the transaction password . Later, when I tried to do an NEFT transfer, it will generate OTP and later when I entered the transaction password it is showing the error as The User is Already Disabled For transaction

  2. My branch of Bank of India has my mobile phone no. with the wrong country code, although I had given them my correct no. in writing some years ago. Because I live outside India, I cannot go to the bank in person.
    CAn you please help?

  3. Since May 11th. I have sent several reminders to helpdesk and HO internet for regeneration of transaction password but unfortunately till date received no response… branch says they are helpless…

  4. msg comes ur transaction password is already disabled. customer care says contact ur home branch. Is it not possible online?

  5. I got a message from boi starconnect bank of India that my transaction password has been successfully regenerated & you can perform any transaction but it is not possible. Pl. advice how to receive transaction password after regeneration and activate it. Thanks for your help.

  6. Procedure for those who are not having/don’t want to have debit card getting new transaction password is very cumbersome..In other banks without card, only with OTP can regenerate new txn pe. Pl examine.