Federal Bank Net Banking Registration online. [in just 10 minutes]

Federal Bank offers excellent services via Digital banking facility. Using Federal Bank Internet Banking, you can manage your savings account, loan account, credit card, and more. To access your account online, you need to register on federal bank Net banking. In this guide, we will see how to do Federal Bank Net Banking Registration online by sitting at home. The process is online and doesn’t require you to go to the branch or fill any form.

Federal Bank net Banking Registration online

Requirements to register for Federal bank Net banking –

  1. Federal Bank Account Number – You must know the Federal bank Account number. The account number is mentioned in the welcome letter, passbook, and Chequebook. In the case of a Neo banking digital account (Jupiter or Fi), you can get the federal bank account number from the neo App.
  2. Registered Mobile Number – The mobile number registered with the bank must be with you and active to receive SMS. ( make sure you have recharged your number to receive SMS)
  3. Federal Bank Debit Card – To register on Federal Bank, you must know the debit card number, Expiry Date, and ATM PIN.

Once you have all the things required with you, let’s know how to do the online process.

Federal Bank net Banking Registration Step by Step Process –

There are two stages to register on federal bank net banking – First is to create user ID & Password, and the last is to create a Transaction password. We will see both stages.

STAGE1 – Create Username & Password for Federal bank net Banking

In this stage, you can create a User ID of your choice and the login password. Make sure that you don’t share UserId and Password with anyone.

  1. Open Federal Bank Net banking registration website on your smartphone/computer’s browser – https://www.fednetbank.com/
  2. Then click on the “NEW USER” option from the newly opened page.click on new user in fednet website
  3. On the same page, read the requirements to register online for Federal bank netbanking and then click on “Click Here to Register Online“.
  4. Now, from the new page, enter your Federal Bank Account Number in the given field, also enter the verification CAPTCHA code, and then click on the “Continue” button.enter your federal bank account number
  5. Now, on your registered mobile number, you will receive OTP via SMS. Enter the OTP on the page and then click on the “Validate OTP” button.enter the otp recevied on mobile to register in fednet
  6. Once the top is verified, you can create a user ID. The guidelines to create a user ID are shown on the screen. Enter the username again and click on the “Check Availability” button. If the user ID you have chosen is not available, try with a different user id.enter user id of your choice in fednet
  7. On the new page, you can now create a Login Password. The guidelines to create a username are shown on the screen. Enter the password again and then click on the “Submit” button.create login password in fednet
  8. Now the registration process is completed. You can view the message displayed on the screen stating, “Your Federal Bank Internet Banking Registration is now completed”.fednet online registration in completed
  9. Click on the Login button to Log in to your account using your user ID and Password.

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STAGE 2 – Create transaction Password – Federal bank Net Banking Activation.

This is the activation state of the Federal Bank Net banking registration process. In this stage, you have to create a transaction password. The transaction password is different from Login Password and used for transaction-based services like funds transfer, beneficiary addition, etc.

  1. Login to the FedNet website for the first time using your User ID and Login password – https://www.fednetbank.com/
  2. Then You will be greeted with a Welcome message and terms and conditions. Accept the terms and conditions to go to the next step.
  3. On the new page, click on the “Yes, I require Transaction Facility” and click on Submit button.select i require transaction facility
  4. Then on the new page, enter the Debit card number, PIN, and Expiry Date & Month.  Click on “Submit” button to go to the next step.enter debit card details to register on fednet
  5. Now, you can enter the transaction Password of your choice. Do not enter the same password as the Login password. Re-enter the transaction Password and click on Submit button.set transaction password for fednet
  6. Again you will receive an OTP on your registered mobile number. Enter the OTP to complete the activation process.

Done, Your Federal Bank netbanking Account is now fully activated.

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