Fednet Mobile banking Registration and Activation process in 5 minutes

Federal Bank Mobile Banking App provides many digital banking features to its customers. To use the FedNet App, you must install the app on your smartphone and register for mobile banking. In this guide, we will see how to do Fednet Mobile Banking Registration online using your phone.

Fednet Mobile banking Registration and Activation process in 5 minutes 1

Requirements for FedNet Mobile banking Registration –

  1. Federal Bank Account Number
  2. Registered mobile with the bank must be with you.
  3. The mobile number should be active and able to receive SMS. Make sure you have recharged your number.

How to do FedNet mobile banking registration with step by step guide –

  1. Download FedNet Mobile App on your smartphone.

    Download FedNet for Android

    Download FedNet for iOS

  2. Open The App and then allow all required permission asked by the app. (Phone and SMS)
  3. Now, select the bank registered SIM and complete the SIm registration.
  4. On the new page, enter your Account Number and tap on the PROCEED button.enter mobile number
  5. Now you can select the App mode as ‘View Only‘ OR ‘Transaction+View‘ option. You must select “Transaction+View” to get all the features of FedNet, such as funds transfer, beneficiary adding, etc.select transaction mode
  6. If you have chosen transaction mode, on the new page, you have to enter the debit card details, or Net banking UserId and Password OR branch Activation token.enter debit card details
  7. Once your details are verified, you can Create APP PIN. Enter the four Digit MPIN and tap on the “Enter” button.
  8. Once again, enter the MPIN and click on the enter button to set it successfully.
  9. On the new page, you can enable the Touch ID; using this feature; you can log in to the FedNet app using Fingerprint or Biometric Authentication on your phone.

Done! FedNet Mobile Banking registration process is now completed. You can now log in to the app using MPIN or Biometric/FingerPrint Authentication.

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FedNet Mobile App Features –

  1. Check Account Balance
  2. Check Mini Statement
  3. Download Account Statement
  4. Funds Transfer using UPI, IMPS, NEFT, RTGS.
  5. Add Beneficiary.
  6. Chequebook Request
  7. Download Interest Certificate
  8. View Account Passbook
  9. Manage Debit Card Transactions
  10. Pay Bills
  11. Recharges
  12. Change Debit Card PIN
  13. Block ATM Card

And much more

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How to activate FedNet Mobile Banking?

You need to provide your Account Number and Debit card details to fully activate FedNet App. If you don’t have a Debit Card or Internet Banking login details, you may not be able to activate the transaction Access for your account. In such a case, you can continue to activate the App using “View Only” access and then visit a branch for Token to activate transaction access.

Neo Banking with Federal Bank (Jupiter and Fi)

If you have a Neo Bank Account such as Jupiter, you will not be able to access App with transaction Access because the Jupiter Debit card is not mapped in the FedNet Internet Banking. Jupiter is working on bringing the feature to access Federal bank Intenet Banking and Mobile banking, but currently, it’s not available as on writing this article. We will Update the Article once the update is available.

However, The Neo banking partner Fi has given access to Federal Bank Internet Banking and FedNet Mobile App. You can use the Fi Debit card to activate App and register for Federal Bank Internet Banking.

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In this article, we have seen Fednet Mobile banking registration and activation process in simple steps. If you have any doubts/queries regarding the information provided in this article, write to us in the comment section below.

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