How to get Shriram finance two wheeler loan NOC?

Shriram Finance provides durable vehicle loan to consumers all over India. If you have taken your Bike on Loan from Shriram Finance you should collect No Objection Certificate after completion of Loan tenure. NOC represents no dues are pending to finance company and you have cleared all the loan amount. In this guide we will see why you need NOC and how to apply for Shriram Finance Two Wheeler loan NOC in detail and step by step process.

How to get Shriram finance two wheeler loan NOC

Why you need to get NOC after completion of EMI’s??

  1. No Objection Certificate represent no dues are pending.
  2. NOC represents you have cleared all the EMI’s and late fees/charges.
  3. You will need loan NOC to cancel hypothecation in RC book/smart card. – Whenever you take bike/card on Loan your RC comes with “Hypothecated to” which means your bike/card still owned by loan lending company and you must cancel hypothecation after loan is completed.

What documents are required to apply for NOC in Shriram Finance

  1. You must know Vehicle Registration Number
  2. An active mobile number for communication purpose.
  3. You must know the Shriram Finance Loan Number.
  4. ID proof to verify ownership of vehicle.

How to get Shriram Finance two wheeler loan NOC?

There are currently two methods available to apply for NOC in Shriram finance –

  1. Apply by sending Email
  2. Apply by visiting Shriram Finance Office

Method 1 – How to apply for Shriram Finance two wheeler loan NOC by sending Email?

  1. Open your email app and login with your email id and password.
  2. Create new mail and type the following email address in “To” field –
    Shriram Finance Customer Support Email –
  3. In the “Subject” field write – “Application for getting two wheeler NOC – Bike Number
  4. Compose the mail and type the following draft mail –
    Hello, my Two wheeler loan has been completed in April 2020. I need NOC document for the same.
    My loan and vehicle details are as follow -
    Name - YOUR NAME
    Waiting for your reply.
    Thanks & Regards.


  5. Now, send this email to Shriram finance customer care.
  6. Within few days you will receive NOC on your email. You can also visit nearest office to collect your NOC documents.

According to my experience, this method of sending email is not working anymore. (I have sent mail 3 months back and there is no reply till date. So I decided to apply by visiting branch).

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Method 2 – Visit Branch office to apply for Shriram finance two wheeler loan NOC


  1. Go to your nearest Shriram Finance Branch/office in your area.
  2. Find nearest branch from this official website link –
  3. Go to the branch and ask for Two Wheeler Laon NOC
  4. Official will ask details like Vehicle registration number, Loan closing date/year, your name, ID proof, Mobile Number etc.
  5. Once the details and verified, your loan NOC application will be submitted.
  6. After 20 to 25 day you will get call from the branch for collecting NOC documents.
  7. Visit the branch and collect your Loan NOC.
  8. Along with NOC, you should also collect Form 35 ( two copies) and trade Certificate. These documents are required for Hypothecation cancellation.

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There is no charge for getting NOC of your cleared loan from Shriram Finance. You can apply for NOC offline by visiting nearest branch. If you have any queries/doubts regarding this guide, write to us in the comment section below.

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  1. Sir this is vsssrinivas today I went to your sriram branch for bike noc letter .your accountant demands 500 for noc.he don’t have any legal reasons for collection of I deside to compliant against him.sir please confirm me to collect 500 for noc??

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  3. My name is mr Ramcharan Singh Shriram City union finance Ltd my bike two wheeler EMI.all paid.last.date07/09/2022.please my bike two wheeler noc arrange.

  4. मी शामराव सिडाम सन २०१६मध्ये hf डिल्क्ष गाडी घेतली असून त्याची महिन्याची परत फेड झाली असून. त्या गाडीचे नाहरकत प्रमाणपत्र मला मिळाले नाही. तरी मी विचारणा केली असता त्यांनी आपल्या कडे रक्कम बाकी आहे.त्या करिता नाहरकत प्रमाणपत्र देऊ शकत नाही. यावर उपाय सांगावे.

  5. I want my vehicle noc as i have paid all my emi. But the worker at green park ask me extra charges as i have submmitted some emi late…( after due date)….. I cant afford extra money… I want my noc.

  6. Sir mera two wheeler ka NOC gum hogaya hai Abhi dubara Shriram finance ka NOC chahiye kaise karna bathana please

  7. I have been confused for a while now. Whether I should take out a loan for Two-wheeler or not. Is it really the right option or not? What about the paperwork and all reading such articles sometimes really clears your view and gives you the confidence to take a step forward.

  8. As02ac7900, 2 महीना पहले लोन कंप्लीट हो चुका noc नहीं दे रहा है

  9. As02ac7900, bolero Pickup
    का पूरा लोन हो गया आज दो महिना हो गया फिर भी noc नहीं दे रहे ह अपनी मन मानी कर रहे हैं आज दिनाक 19(11(2021

  10. एनओसी नहीं मिली 1 साल हो गया श्रीराम फाइनेंस से लोन करवाया था मेरे को मैंने उसे की जरूरत है

  11. Hello My name is Vidya
    I am taking shriram finance loan for my 2 wheeler Ntorq which is taken from vashi TVS showroom and it’s clears then also amount deducted from my account

  12. NOC is valid for three months. You can re-apply for NOC by visiting the Shriram finance office.

  13. I want to know about procedure to reissue the NOC of termination of HP endorsement of Shri Ram Finance.