How to find Central Bank of India CIF number? [6 Easy Ways]

Central Bank of India is a nationalized bank in India and provides online services to its customers. Every customer of Central Bank of India is assigned a unique number called a CIF number. This number is used to identify the customer and their accounts under the central bank branches if they own multiple accounts like saving accounts, deposits, loan accounts, Demat accounts, etc.

How to find central bank of India CIF number

You will need a CIF number for some services, and if you don’t know the number, you cannot avail of some of the services online/offline. In this guide, we will see how to find Central Bank of India CIF number by different methods.

What is Central Bank of India CIF number?

CIF stands for ‘Customer Information File‘. The CIF number is assigned to every customer. The CIF contains an 11-digit unique number. With the help of CIF, your Bank can see all your data at once, be it your saving account, loan account, credit card, Demat Account, Deposits, KYC, Address, etc.

When is the CIF number required?

Although CIF is used for Bank’s internal use, some services require a CIF number.

  1. During the Central Bank of India Internet Banking registration.
  2. Transfer of Bank accounts from one branch to another.

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How to find Central Bank of India CIF number? Online and offline Methods –

  1. Passbook (OFFLINE)
  2. Account statement (OFFLINE)
  3. Call customer care (OFFLINE)
  4. Cheque Booklet front page (OFFLINE)
  5. Internet Banking (ONLINE)
  6. Mobile App – Cent-mPassbook (ONLINE)

We will see each Method in detail.

Method 1 – How to find Central Bank of India CIF number in Central Bank of India using your Passbook?

Open your Passbook provided by the Bank during account opening. ( You can also get a duplicate passbook if you lost your old Passbook). On the front page of the Passbook, you will find all your personal details and account details along with the CIF number printed on it.

Method 2 – How to find Central Bank of India CIF number in the Account statement?

If you have ordered an account statement for your CBI account, you can get the CIF number printed on the first page of the statement.

Method 3 – How to find Central Bank of India CIF number from Chequebook?

Your account chequebook has a CIF number printed on the first page.

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Method 4 – Get CIF number of central bank of India by calling Customer Care?

You can call customer care of the Central Bank of India to know your CIF number.

Central Bank of India Customer care number1800221911

Once you call customer care, tell them your account number and ask for the CIF number. The executive will tell you the CIF number associated with your account.

Method 5 – Use Internet Banking to get cif number of central bank of India

Log in with your user id and password in CBI internet banking.

Once you log in, you can see the CIF number beside your name on the homepage.

Method 6 – Use Cent m-Passbook Mobile App to get CIF number of Central Bank of India

  1. Download the Central Bank of India Passbook App on your smartphone for free –

    Download the Cent-mPassbook App for Android

    Download Cent m-Passbook App for iOS

  2. Once downloaded, open the app and log in with your login id and password. (or register on the app if you are first time user)
  3. Now, from the menu, click on the User Profile option.
  4. You can now see the CIF number.

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How to get Central bank CIF number by SMS?

If you want to receive a CIF number via SMS, then we want to let you know that no such facility is available. Which means you cannot get the central bank CIF number by SMS. You can know your CIF number by the above mentioned methods.

FAQs –

Is IFSC Same as CIF?

No, IFSC and CIF are different terms. IFSC is related to bank branch code and CIF is related to your personal account. CIF is unique and only you can know it. Read the above methods to know your CIF number.

How to get CIF Number from ATM?

You cannot know the CIF Number from Central Bank ATM card. You can get your Central Bank CIF Number by easy methods which we have explained in the article.

How can I get CIF Number without passbook?

You can get the CIF Numbr using CBI app and Internet banking if you don't have a passbook with you.


You can get the CIF number of your Central Bank of India account by various methods. In this guide, we have seen how to find Central Bank of India CIF number offline and online. If you have any doubts/queries regarding this post, you can comment in the comment section below.

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