How to remove Password from Bank statement PDF file in just 1 minute?

Account statements from various bank accounts, credit cards are sent over Email to customers. Such E-statements are Password protected, and customers are required to remember that particular Password and must enter the Password every time you open the statement. For some users, it becomes very irritating to enter the password every time to view E-Statement. However, some users might forget the Password and require to search over the internet to know the password format set by the bank.

remove password from bank statement pdf

The password format contains a combination of your personal information like date of birth, registered mobile number, card number, account number, etc. Removing the Password from the statement is the best solution to overcome this critical situation. In this guide, we will see how to remove Password from the bank statement pdf file in step-by-step instructions.

Things required to remove Password from bank Statement PDF

  1. You need to know the password of your pdf statement to open it. Once you open the PDF file, you can then remove the Password permanently.
  2. A computer and chrome browser (to open the PDF file in chrome browser).

With these two things, you can easily remove Password from bank statement pdf.

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Step by step guide on how to remove Password from bank statement PDF file on Computer?

  1. First of all, you need to locate the pdf file on your computer and right-click to open the menu.
  2. Select “Open with” and then select the Google Chrome” option from the open with google chrome
  3. The browser will ask you to enter the Password for the bank statement.
  4. Enter the Password correctly to view the statement.
  5. Now, from the keyboard, press the ‘Ctrl+P’ buttons together to open the Print settings.
  6. Under Destination, select the “Save as PDF” option from the menu and then click on the Save save as pdf
  7. Select the location on the computer where you want to save the file and then click on the ‘Save‘ button.
  8. The Password is now removed from the statement pdf, and you can open the file anytime without a password.

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How to remove password from statement PDF on Android Phone?

If you have a PDF file saved on your phone and you want to remove password from it then you can do it easily.

  1. Open PDF file on your Android Smartphone.
  2. Then enter the PDF password to open it.
  3. Now, click on the ‘Share’ icon located on the screen.
  4. On the scene, you can now see various options on the share menu. Here, from the share menu, tap on the ‘Print’ option.
  5. On the print screen, tap on the ‘Save As PDF‘ option. Also, select the page size from the list. (Generally, the Account statement will best fit in A4 Size.)
  6. Now, Save the PDF file on your phone’s storage.
  7. You can now open the PDF file without password.

In this way, you can easily remove password from statement PDF file on your Android device.

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How to remove password from statement PDF on iPhone/iPad?

If you gave a password protected PDF file on your iPhone or iPad, and you want to remove password from it. Unfortunately, there is no way to do so. You can share the PDF file to android or a computer and then remove the password from it.

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In this guide, we have seen how to Remove Password from Bank statement pdf file. If you have any doubt regarding the information provided in this article, write to us in the comment section below.

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  1. How can I get a password-protected PDF ..? If I download the Account statement as a pdf didn’t ask for any password

  2. totally worked. the password usually might be your own account number. neverthless, it’s always stated when you download

  3. To remove the password, you need the password for 1 time only. You can get the password during the statement download process OR mentioned in the email that you received with statement attached.

  4. bank /any authority which send password protected file always provide details about password , like PAN/dOB/CUSTOMER ID /any other details

  5. I don’t know the password. Then how can I open or remove the password. Please let me know.