How to change mobile number in Canara bank? [In 2 Minutes]

Canara Bank provides online services to its customers for easy access to various banking transactions. One such service is to change the registered mobile number online. You can do it online if you have changed your mobile number and want to change it to the bank. In this article, we will see how to change Mobile Number in Canara bank online step-by-step.

How to change mobile number in Canara bank

Things required to change mobile number in Canara bank –

  1. ATM card and ATM PIN
  2. Internet Banking details – User ID and Password
  3. The Old Mobile number should be with you
  4. New Mobile number which you want to register.
  5. Both old and new mobile numbers should be able to receive SMS.

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Methods to change mobile number in Canara bank

  1. From the nearest ATM of Canara bank
  2. Via Bank Branch (Offline)
  3. Through SMS

We will see each method in detail –

Method 1 – How to change Mobile number in Canara bank via ATM?

  1. Visit the nearest Canara Bank ATM in your area.
  2. Insert your ATM card and enter the PIN.How to change mobile number in Canara bank? [In 2 Minutes] 1
  3. Now select the Registration option from the menu.
  4. Then select the Mobile number registration option.
  5. From the new screen, select the Change Mobile number option.
  6. Now, enter your new mobile number from the keypad and select Confirm.
  7. Again enter the new mobile number to confirm.
  8. Now, you will get a Reference Number on the screen. Note down this reference number.
  9. Also, you will get an OTP on your old mobile number.
  10. From the new mobile number, Type ACTIVATE [space] OTP [space] REFERENCE_NUMBER and send it to 5676767.
  11. Your new mobile number will be registered with your bank account.

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Method 2 – How to change Mobile Number in Canara bank by filling out the form?

This method is for only those who don’t have their old registered mobile number. To register your new mobile number, you can fill up the Canara bank mobile number change form.

  1. Visit your Canara bank branch and go to the help desk.
  2. Ask for Canara bank mobile number change form and fill in the details.
  3. Fill in all details in the form like account number, new mobile number, a reason to change mobile number, etc.
  4. Sign the duly filled form and attach your identity document with the form.
  5. Submit the form to the help desk.
  6. The bank official will verify your details, and your new mobile number will be registered within two working days.

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Method 3 – How to change Mobile number in Canara bank through SMS?

You can change your mobile number in Canara bank through SMS. But you have to visit the ATM to get the reference number.

  1. Get the reference number and the OTP on your old mobile number from ATM.
  2. Now, from the new mobile number, Type ACTIVATE [space] OTP [space] REFERENCE_NUMBER and send it to 5676767.
  3. Your new mobile number will be linked to the account number.

Summary –

You can easily change your mobile number in Canara bank using three methods. If you have doubts about the Canara bank mobile number change, you can write down your queries and questions in the comment section below.

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  1. My account number
    IFSC coad000XXXXXX

    Orldnumber 984397XXXXXXX
    New number 7094783XXXXXXXXX

  2. Mobile number change
    A/c number 42591XXXXXXX
    Old mobile number: 97860XXXXXXXX
    had me New mobile; 978602XXXXXXXXXX
    Please mobile had me

  3. Mob no change 6207XXXXXX canara bank 418710XXXXX IFC code CNRB0XXXXXX7

  4. The ATM Pin method (Method 1) does not work. The Branch is insisting on using a physical Form.

  5. I want to de register my husband contact number from my canara bank account. Account number is 04791010XXXXX. My husband contact number is 638145XXXX and 787106XXXX. Kindly cancel these two contact number from my bank account. Kindly do the needful.

  6. Canara bank please how to mobile number Change
    New number 790370XXXX please help me Request acc.5358×××××51

  7. Hello I had changed my phone number to a new one in my home branch of canara Bank.. It’s been 2 days but still I am not able to set up pin for Google pay, phone pay and also when the app fetches details of my account..the account no is correct but not the branch and the IFSC code..what should I do?

  8. Mobile number change 63749MMMMM account 4520119XXXXX branch vagarai Canara bank poonkodi

  9. Pl confirm that to our a/c 061810103XXXX,the mobile no. Pan no.and SMS alerts for dr/cr is updated.

  10. In your case, you need to visit branch and fill the form to change your mobile number

  11. Hello sir my account change mobile number this number 75919XXXXX my account number is 45142310XXXXX2 plzz help me

  12. Why are you sharing your mobile number and account number..its not safe for your accounts

  13. Hi,
    please do not share your mobile number or account number anywhere on the internet. You can change your mobile number by yourself by reading the steps given in the article.

  14. Ajay Gadhve AC 1396101XXXXXX mobile number change new number 77419XXXXX old number 77449XXXXX brach osmanabad

  15. Nothing happened since 2 years in salem fairlands canara bank branch. They are too lazy psu employees

  16. Hi, Please do not share your account number, mobile number anywhere on internet. You can change your mobile number by reading above guide by yourself or by visiting bank branch.

  17. A.c. number 82342250XXXX registered mobile number 981219XXXX new change mobile number 958851XXXX

  18. Mabile number chang 74789XXXXX account 58481010XXXXX barnch kenara bank lekaraj devappa shirke

  19. Mera old mobile number ab mere pas nahi he to new number add karne ke liye koi online upay he kya branch bhi kafi dur he.

  20. Hi, Sorry for the inconvenience caused to you. Bank may have removed such features from internet banking. We have removed the concerned section and updated the article. You can always use other methods to change your mobile number.

  21. There is no provision/option to change the mobile number either through ATM or through net banking. If yes kindly let me know the procedure.

  22. How could you post deliberately such a false and misleading information that there is no such provision in Canara Bank to change Mobile number online internet banking. There is no such provision in the service section of net banking and in profile section no provision for the same like State Bank of India. This sort of false information attracts penal charges that the publisher of this article has to be aware of

  23. Sir I want to change my ac phone number sir please change phone number 8348678220 ac no. 1427120000617 name saraswathi

  24. Plz My Account Mobile Numer chainging Old Number 77361XXXXX – New Number Add to 623840XXXX Plz

  25. Nothing will happen in 2 days ..lead told at the help desk that it will take about a week.This is also the same in most PSU banks.

    NAME AND ADDRESS OF BRANCH :Palladam CANARA BANK canara bank,113,tiruchy Road,PALLADAM TAMIL NADU -638664

    Hello sir may phone no change 94871XXXXX.May Account no :12131200XXXXX Pls sir

  27. Hello sir please may change mobile no 9717560374 my account no 3360108001837 name shahrukh khan baranch nagal

  28. Dear Sir,

    Shows The comment as per below for Change mobile no online :

    For Change of above mentioned particulars, Please contact your branch with required documents.
    In case if you have submitted a request for change address to your branch and if it is not reflecting above,Please contact 1800 425 0018

  29. Hi, kripya upar di gayi steps ko padhe aur aap apana number khud hi ghar baithe change kar sakte hai