How to do Yes bank Mobile number change Online

Many Customers of Yes bank are satisfied with the facilities provided by Yes Bank. One such facility is yes bank mobile number change online. Now, you can change your registered mobile number to a new number by visiting an ATM machine or from an Internet Banking facility. In this article, I have explained to you the easiest way to change mobile number in yes bank through ATM card.

Yes bank mobile number change online

How to do Yes bank mobile number change online?

The way is very simple. You can do this task without going to any yes bank branch. All you require is the old registered mobile number, and new mobile number, and you need to visit the nearest ATM machine of yes bank.

Follow these steps to change Yes bank mobile number –

  1. First, go to the nearest Yes Bank ATM machine and insert your card there.
  2. Now select the Registration option from the main menu.
  3. Now enter your ATM PIN and verify the card.
  4. Then select Mobile Number Registration.
  5. Then select the Change Mobile Number option.
  6. Enter your new mobile number.
  7. Now, you will get OTP and reference numbers on both new and old mobile numbers.

You have to send an SMS with the following format from both mobile numbers.


SMS should be sent within 4 hours of reception of SMS on both phones.

That’s it, with this way, you can change mobile number in yes bank online through ATM.

How to change your mobile number in Yes bank when your old mobile number is Lost?

When your mobile number gets lost, you cannot register new mobile number in yes bank online as this service requires an old number as well.

In such a case, you can visit your Yes bank branch and then ask for the help desk. Maybe you will need to visit the branch manager and explain the situation.

Then fill up the form provided by the bank and submit it with all required information like account number, old number, new number, and your registered signature.

After a few hours, your new number will get registered in Yes bank and you can use this number for any online banking facility.

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  1. Mobile number change +91 91365 XXXX reject ha eask hataka new mobile number Dana ha 73710XXXX namber dana ha

  2. Mobile number change my yes bank old mobile number:8822828403 new mobile number:9707872931 request my mobile number change

  3. hello Rasidul, Please read and follow the article to change your number in your account. Also please do not share your mobile number and account number anywhere on the internet.

  4. Old mobail namber change please new model number registation 86103XXXXX my Account number 80000000XXXXXXXX

  5. Im durgesh kumar
    Sir mera number change hona he
    Abhi ye bala number 936845XXXX lga huaa ab mujhe ye number 639837XXXX lagvana please number change aapki mhan krpa hogi.

  6. Agar Old number or naya number hai to ATM machine me hi update hojyga. dono number pr OTP ajyga or Naya Number update hojyga. Agar purana number nahi hai to Bank me jakar ek form bharna hoga mobile no.update ke lye.

  7. AKHILESH Sharma hai mai apana mobile number chez karma hai sir aap ko naya number sed kar rhahu sir 887499XXXXX

  8. Account number 80000000307XXXX old Mobile number 752503XXXX
    New mobile number
    749600XXXX change kardo

  9. I want to change my mobile number because i was lost my old sim card with my phone
    So dear sir please grant for my request

  10. My name is Choudhury Zamil Suleman. my account is bangalore whitefield .. now i am stay in my home Tripura.. i lost my mobile with sim.. so plz change my number.. my old number is 94363XXXX.. New number is 94369XXXX.. Plz help me . i need your help

  11. I have filled form request for mobile number change in yes bank branch.over 1 years ago.but my mobile number not I can generate new pin for my new debit card.any help?

  12. I went to the bank branch and filled a form to change my number by giving my old and new phone number and was told it will take 3 days now it has been more than 10 months and its not changed.. I can’t use any mobile banking or net banking its such a nuisance.. I don’t think there will be any change even if I visit again

  13. Hi, if your old mobile number is not with you then there is no way you can change the mobile number. You have to go to the bank and apply for mobile number change.

  14. i want to change my mobile number for my yes bank credit card. its very difficult to do any transaction because it goes to my official number which is not in use.
    Kindly advice what can i do and its lock down period. My new mobile number is 735091XXXX.

  15. Sir my mobile number change Yes bank ka h old number 721076XXXX new number 776607XXXX

  16. HO Makhan, You can change your mobile number by yourself by reading above guide.

  17. I went yes bank branch (near to kokilaben hospital) to change my mobile number and e mail id.they dont know how to change.they need old mobile number and old email id.they are blocked my atm with out any information i cant take money from my account.this is worst bank i have ever seen.better to change the account to SBI.

  18. I went to my yes bank ATM to change my mobile number. But in ATM , there were no option to change mobile number. I called to my yes bank account branch, they replied we are not providing this option now. You have to come to our bank in working hours to change mobile number. I don’t know what service they are providing !!! I am really disappointed for their service.

  19. Hi, you can change the mobile number of your yes bank using steps explained in the article.