How to change Address in SBI account online and Offline? [10 minutes Process]

SBI is the most trusted bank in India. Most people prefer SBI bank for easy accessibility, availability of branches, ATMs, and many online services. If you have an SBI account, then his guide might be helpful for you (currently or in the future). The guide explains how to change Address in SBI account in detail.

How to change Address in SBI account online and Offline? [10 minutes Process] 1

For some reason, when we move to a new home, the Address recorded in a bank needs to be changed. With no updated address, the bank cannot contact you for any banking-related documents, and you may miss the services offered by the bank.

The current rule of New Chip-based ATM card also needed to be sent to the Address, but many SBI customers didn’t get their new ATM card because the Address is not updated in bank records. This guide is about how to change Address in SBI account in simple steps.

Documents required to change Address in SBI account –

There are simple KYC documents required to do this work. Here is the list of accepted documents –

Take a photocopy of a document and sign on it. The document must have the new Address mentioned. Otherwise, the bank cannot verify your current Address.

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How to change Address in SBI account Online and Account?

There re two ways to change Address in SBI account –

  1. By Visiting Branch
  2. Through Online

We will see each method in detail –

Method 1 – How to change Address in SBI account by visiting branch?

Follow these simple steps to change Address in SBI account –

  1. First, you need to visit your SBI branch.
  2. After visiting, ask for an Address change form from the help desk counter.
  3. Now, fill out the form with your account number, old Address, and new Address. Check the filled information is correct.
  4. Sign the form with your signature present in the SBI account. Also, don’t forget to mention the date.
  5. Now attach the photocopy of a document that mentions your new Address and sign on it. Check the accepted documents listed in the above section.
  6. Submit the document to the corresponding executive.
  7. The executive will ask you for the original document that you have attached and verify its Address.
  8. The executive then updates your new Address in the Bank database.
  9. After a few minutes, you will get an SMS over your registered mobile number stating, “your address has been changed as per your request.”How to change address in SBI account

This is how you can easily change Address in your SBI account.

Method 2 – How to change address in SBI account online Via Netbanking?

Currently there is no way to change address online. SBI has removed the option to change address online from Net banking and Yono App.

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How to check the new Address is updated in SBI account?

You can check your new updated Address through SBI Internet banking –

  1. Log in to your account using Internet banking user id and password.
  2. Go to the account statement and select the account number.
  3. Now select the statement period and click on ‘Proceed’.How to change address in SBI account
  4. You can see your account details with the newly updated Address on the next screen.

How to change Address in SBI credit card?

If you have SBI credit card and want to change the address, then its very easy. You don’t need to visit the branch to change your address. Just follow these steps –

  1. Open this form and take printout. – SBI card address change form.
  2. Fill out the form and make a scanned copy.
  3. Send this scanned copy to SBI address change email ID – [email protected]
  4. Your address will be updated within 7 working days.

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Summary –

This guide on how to change Address in SBI account helps you to stay updated with your KYC in the State Bank of India. You can do this work by simply filling up the SBI address change form and submitting it to the bank with the required accepted document.

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  1. My Mother in law is a pensioner with account in SBI, Samastipur, Bihar. Due to sickness she resides with me in Bilaspur, Chhattisgarh. She is unable to travel. Pension is regularly credited to her account but she does not have cheque book to draw / use the money. She can not travel to reach the home branch of bank. Please suggest the solution.

  2. Then just change through online sbi…change the branch from Karnataka to Telangana after that produce your address proof to the Telangana branch.

  3. Why do we need to visit branch for specific address change. Why can’t we update details online and can be verified against the adhar card details submitted to bank.

  4. You only need an Aadhar Card, Voter ID or Pan Card and just two passport size photos to open an account in r bank. ✌

  5. I visited 23 branches in last two years in different cities and all of them refused to help me change my address. So I am pretty sure every one needs to visit home branch which is pretty stupid rule.

  6. Hi, thanks for your concern.
    From the customer side, it’s just a 10 min process, but the number of days taken by the bank completely depends on the Branch. In my case, it took only 2 hrs to update my address.

  7. A worthless reply headed as how to chnage it in 10 mins. Your step 8 takes days… Complete waste….

  8. full migration of your account to new branch takes few days, wait for around 15 days as per my knowledge. If you still facing the issue, pls visit the new branch and ask them to resolve your issue.

  9. i went my sbi branch and filled the form for Branch name change and address change after few hours i got message also like transferred successfully but while seeing in account statement screen it is showing old Branch name and old address only so when it will update the address and branch name?

  10. No need for a form, please go to the branch and ask for the signature change, they will provide the form.

  11. If I change my address. Can I visit
    My account holder branch or any branch of SBI

  12. Do we need PAN card compulsory as proof to change bank branch address or can we use adhaar card?

  13. I don’t have address of my new home in my name. House agreement in only my son name. And gas bill in my husband name. With out any proof how can i changed my address in Bank. Adaar, pan, voter I D are in old address. When I ask to change my address in adaar, they asked bring Bank proof. How can I do it.

  14. R’sir,

    Presently, another bank given the facilities to change the address after login your net banking, why should not change in sbi net banking login. SBI is in top nationalized bank why should not given the address change facility online, which type problems to SBI. RBI charily instructions if any problems to customer complaint lodge to RBI……Please reply otherwise this problems forward to RBI.


  15. You can visit your bank with your marriage certificate and apply for a name updatation form.

  16. Sir/Mam
    I want to change my address in sbi where i wiil be go (any branch/home Branch)

  17. Hi Sir,
    I want to change my address on my sbi passbook, but i have different address on the documents accepted. So, can i show electricity bill or property papers which are on the name of my father. Can i show that as a proof? Your help wilk be appreciated.

  18. I need to change my address
    But I have my new house electricity bill. It’s ok to change my address. Because our old house gone in SRA so I can’t change my Addhar card .

  19. Currently, SBI internet banking don’t have a feature to change address online

  20. When’s the premises of my permanent address went for redevelopment, I moved to my son’s house. I took a letter from my son, supported by his own proof of identity / address, added my own proof of identity and submitted to SBI branch in Mulund East in Jan 2019. I was bluntly told I need to enter into a leave & license agreement with my son and attach a copy of the regd agreement. Otherwise every six months I need to submit correspondence address. After over one year and two cycles of new set of documents, the address is chs bed on the bank record, but yet the bank would not put the new address on the pass book and cheque forwarding memo. Now I have start complaining all over again for such routine thing.

  21. You have to go to bank branch to change name. Bring your identity proof with you which have your new name mentioned in it.

  22. Why not providing online option. For transactions you people encourage online, but for these type of things need to be done offline??
    and in times of Covid how can one go to other cities to update address

  23. Sir can we change the father name to husband name , how can change the name please tell me sir .

  24. Sir I have add my husband name in SBI account how to change father name to husband name please tell me.

  25. Sir mujhe mera bank passbook ka address change karana hai to mere pass document sirf yek hi hai Mami ka light bill nahi to savadhan letter se bhi ho sakta hai

  26. SBI is very particular about changing address. They only accept voter/aadhar/driving license, etc. Rent agreement does not work which is the biggest problem. From rent agreement document, you can change aadhar address, then you can only approach SBI. In comparison private bank like HDFC accept rent agreement, and but they will do verification from their side to check whether you are living there or not. Private banks are more convenient in this matter.

  27. That iss pretty stupid from SBI. How am I supposed to change address if I moved to a new state? Book a flight, go to the SBI branch, fill the form and return? Are they living in 2000?

  28. isn’t it possible to change address without going bank, means can we change the address through online

  29. i want to change my SBI account address.
    before my sbi account is Karnataka state ,
    now i moved Tamilnadu state .

  30. Please help me I am change my bank account new address submit please new address my aadhar card pan card electricity bill and other documents

  31. I want to change my current address to my present address but I have only the rental agreement for my present address . Can I change the address via the Rental agreement or should I just close my account and start a new one somewhere else

  32. I want to change my bank address from telangana to gujarat,but i dont have register mobile number .
    How i can change my address can u tell me ??

  33. Is it possible to submit rent agreement for address change as an address proof and ID under the name of my father?

  34. Hi,
    Kripya bank me jaye aur form fill kar de, sath me address proof attach kare. aapka address change ho jayega.

  35. Towards change of address, i submitted all documents and received a SMS few days back stating that the address has been updated. But When I check online, it is still showing old address. How to proceed. Please suggest.

  36. Dear Team,

    I need to change my old to new address for my SBI Account, I don’t have any address proof for new address. whats the procedure to change my address in to my account.

  37. Hi Sanjay,
    You can visit the bank branch to change the account name and address.

  38. Sir meri wife Ka SBI account maeke Ka hai .usme father name se husband name karvana aor address bhi chenge Karna hai. Kaese hoga kripya bataye. Thank you

  39. Is that LPG cylinder gas connection bill/book is acceptable as address proof to change new address.

  40. Sakar -C, Room No :104,Nr. Ghatakpor sweets.Chharwda road ,Gunjan ,Vapi-396191.Gujarat.


  42. hello, sir / madam .

    i want to change my SBI account address.
    before my sbi account is Karnataka state ,
    now i moved Telangana state .