How to get SBI bank statement on Email in just 5 minutes?

SBI provides many digital banking services to their customers so that you can easily avail many banking features on your smartphone itself. One such service is to download bank account statement in PDF. Downloading statement on the phone is a handy service, but many of us may want to get SBI bank statement on Email. This service is also available with SBI; you can do it on your smartphone. In this guide, we will see how to get SBI bank statement on Email in step-by-step instructions.

How to get SBI bank statement on Email in just 5 minutes? 1

Requirements to get SBI bank statement on Email

You must fulfill/collect the following things to get your account statement over email –

  1. Registered Mobile Number with the bank – The mobile number registered with the bank account should be with you and should be active to receive OTP via SMS.
  2. Registered Email with the bank – You should have an email registered with the SBI account to receive the SBI statement on email.
  3. Your SBI Account Number
  4. Smartphone with Internet Connection.

How to get SBI Bank statement on Email?

There are currently 2 methods available to get SBI statement over email –

  1. By SBI Quick App.
  2. By registering by Monthly E-Statement Subscription.

We will see each method in Detail –

Method 1 – How to get SBI Bank statement on Email using SBI Quick App?

With this method, you can get an account statement without net banking login.

  • Step1: Download SBI Quick App on your smartphone.
  • Step2: Open the App and allow required permissions.
  • Step3: On the homepage, tap on the “Account Services” option from the main home account services option in sbi quick app
  • Step4: Then click on the “Web” icon in front of the “6 month e-statement” on 6 month e statement option in sbi quick app
  • Step5: On the new page, enter your Account Number, 4 digit passcode(to open pdf statement received on email), and the Duration of the statement. (you can select up to the last 6month duration).enter account number, passcoe and statement duration in sbi quick app
  • Step6: Click on Submit button to request to get the SBI statement on email.
  • Step7: You will now receive a popup message which says – “Your request successfully processed. It will be delivered on [your_email].sbi statement sent on email
  • Step8: Press OK to go back to the homepage.
  • Step9: After few minutes, you will receive an email from “” on your registered email id.
  • Step10: Open the email id and open the attached e-statement.
  • Step11: Enter the passcode which you have set in step5.

You can now forward the email or take a printout of your SBI account statement anytime you want.

Method 2 – How to get a monthly SBI bank statement on Email using e-statement subscription service?

You can get the SBI account monthly statement over email by registering on Yono Lite App. You will receive a 1-month statement every month in PDF format.

  • Step1: Download and register on SBI Yono Lite App on your smartphone. Know the complete process of How to do SBI mobile Yono lite registration?
  • Step2: Open the app and log in with a net banking password OR Six-digit Easy PIN.
  • Step3: From the homepage, tap on My Accounts options.
  • Step4: From the next page, tap on the “e-Statement Subscription” option.
  • Step5: From the next page, select Account Number from the drop-down list. Also, on the same page, verify the Email ID registered with the bank.e statement subscription on yono lite app
  • Step6: Now, select the e-statement frequency as Monthly.
  • Step7: Finally, tap on the SUBMIT button to send the subscription request.
  • Step8: You will now receive an OTP on your registered mobile number. Enter this OTP on the screen and tap on Submit button.

Done! Monthly subscription to get SBI statement on Email is now active. You will receive the statement in PDF format over email on 1st day of every month. Password to open the statement is mentioned in the email itself. Read more on What is the password to open SBI statement?


In this guide about “How to get SBI bank statement on email,” we have seen two easy methods to get your account statement in PDF format over email. Let us know if you have any queries/doubts regarding the information provided in this article.

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