SBI Bank statement PDF download without net banking – 3 Easy Methods

Many SBI customers use online services to get their work done. But sometimes they don’t have internet access or online banking not working for some reason. You might get in a situation where you urgently want an SBI statement. SBI also acknowledged this and launched a service where you can get SBI Bank statement PDF download without net banking. Also, you can view the account statement without an internet connection on your Phone.

SBI Bank statement PDF download without net banking

SBI Bank statement PDF download without net banking

In some scenarios, you might need to download a PDF file of account statement, but internet banking is not working. In this case, you can use some SBI apps and facilities to get work done.

In this case, one of the best ways is to go to a bank branch and ask for an account statement of your desired period. You will get it for free. But sometimes, this method is not convenient and is time-consuming. So to overcome this situation we have two different facilities available –

  1. SBI Quick App
  2. SBI Yono Lite App

We will see how to use SBI Quick app to get SBI account statement without Internet banking. Rest all apps will have similar ways to get account statement.

Method 1 – SBI Bank statement PDF download without net banking using SBI Quick App on your Phone

  1. First of all, download the SBI Quick app on your smartphone. This app is free on Google Play Store and IOS App Store.

    Download SBI Quick App for Android

    Download SBI Quick App for iOS

  2. Allow the SMS service permission when asked.
  3. Allow the Phone call permission when asked.
  4. First, you need to register for the SMS banking service. Select the Registration option from the menu and enter your Mobile Number.
  5. Now, After you click on the SUBMIT button, the app will redirect you to SMS app on your Phone. Send the already drafted message to register for SBI SMS banking service.
  6. In a few moments, you will receive a reply SMS stating that your SMS banking registration has been successful.
  7. Now, return to the SBI quick app, and from the menu, select Account Services option.
    sbi account statement without internet banking
  8. Now, tap the Message icon in front of the option 6-month e-Statement.tap on 6 month e statement in sbi quick app
  9. Enter your account number and four-digit security code to protect the statement pdf file.
    sbi account statement without internet banking
  10. Once done, tap on the Submit button and wait for some time, and you will get SMS stating your request is processed successfully.
    sbi account statement without internet banking
  11. After some time, you will get an email on your mobile with the statement attached.

Please note that this service works over SMS. Charges may apply for every query you do in the app.

Similarly, you can use SBI mingle and, SBI Samadhan app to get SBI Bank statement PDF download without net banking.

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Method 2 – View SBI account statement without Internet / Offline SBI statement

Sometimes, you don’t even have internet access to your Phone, but you want to view your account statement. This can be done using SBI Anywhere app.

SBI Yono Lite app has a feature of mPassbook. This passbook can be viewed offline when enabled.

The only thing required to view offline passbook is that you need to have SBI Yono Lite app installed already and you have synced your mpassbook when you had an internet connection. Only the last synced transaction can be viewed offline.

  1. Open the SBI Yono Lite App on your Phone.
  2. First of all, download the SBI Quick app on your smartphone. This app is free on Google Play Store and IOS App Store.

    Download SBI Yono Lite for Android
    Download SBI Yono Lite for iOS

  3. On the bottom of the screen, click on More Option.
    sbi account statement without internet banking
  4. Select mPassbook option from the list.
  5. If you have a passcode already, then enter user ID and passcode and click on View.
  6. But if you are a “New offline mPassbook user” then tap on First time user and enter your Internet banking User ID and four-digit Password to view statement offline.
    SBI Bank statement PDF download without net banking - 3 Easy Methods 1
  7. Now select the account number for which you want to see the statement.
  8. You can now see the SBI account statement without having the internet.

That’s it; you can now get SBI Bank statement PDF download without net banking and even without having an internet connection on mobile.

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How to get mini statement online without Internet banking and without Internet on the Phone?

If you don’t have the internet at the time but want to check your recent account transactions, then you can do it by missed call. SBI gives the facility to get SBI mini statement by missed call.

You only need a bank-registered mobile number with you to get the mini statement on your mobile.

  1. Get your bank-registered mobile number and dial the following number on the dial pad.

    SBI mini statement missed call number9223866666

  2. Call this number and wait for the call to disconnect automatically.
  3. Within a few seconds, you will receive an SMS with the last 5 transactions of your account.

Also, you can register for SBI Mobile Banking Activation and get the mini statement by sending SMS. Read how to do SBI mobile banking activation.

Summary –

In this guide we have seen easy methods for SBI Bank statement PDF download without net banking in step-by-step instructions. If you have any doubts/queries regarding SBI statement information, let us know in the comment section below.

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  1. Hello

    I have an account with SBI Bangalore. I’m out of country and I need to access by balance at this time and I’m not receiving the OTP on my phone here. Is there a way to send it to my email address? Can you please suggest and alternative?


  2. I am having PPF account with SBI Hyderabad. I need statement showing updated Balance ie including interest on balance as on 31 March 2021. How and when can I get it by mail ?

  3. soft copy which i receive every month or internet banking downloaded copies doesn’t work in immigration process. So i need a letter on official letterhead from bank with their stamp and authorized signature.

    Can i write an email to them and ask them to send official letter to my home address in India.
    or can any one can pick up from branch on behalf me ? ( can i authorize my mother or father as my mother is my nominee to my account?)

  4. hi
    i need an official bank letter from my account holding SBI branch on its letterhead (financial Institution) for my immigration process :
    Letter(s) must
    1) Includes my name, my contact information (address, telephone number and email address)
    3) list outstanding debts such as credit card debts and loans ( i Don’t have any credit cards or loans applied in any bank india)
    4) includes, for each current bank and investment account, the
    account numbers (which i never opened)
    5) Date of account was opened
    6) Current balance of each account
    7) Average balance for the past 6 months

    how to get this statement without visiting bank as i am residing in USA.

    Please suggest

  5. विनायक हुकूमशहा लालबागचा

  6. If they willing to help you then you will definitely get statement from other branch. so many times i observe that state bank staff not support to the other branch customers as well as same branch customers.

  7. If someone has registered for SBI Quick or SBI Anywhere services, can he also make financial transactions?

    If so, how should he de-register from the services? Does he have to write an application and visit the home branch?

  8. Sir,how much time will it take for the statement to come through mail using sms option?!.. I’ve done it like 4hrs ago and right after I sent the sms I got a return sms saying “ur request is processed and you will the statement through ur registered mail” but I still haven’t got any mail…so can u pls tell?

  9. Hi, if you haven’t registered email id in the bank then you cant get a statement using this “without internet” method BUT you can get your statement via SBI internet banking. Just login to your INB and download the statement.

  10. I don’t register mail id in bank only mobile number registered but i want last 3 month statements, can i download without register mail I’d??
    Please reply fast

  11. Hi,

    I need to check if my online statement actually matches with transaction done and my account balance in the branch. How should I do this ? Please help

  12. Hi , is it possible to get the bank statement as soon as we deposit the amount to the bank? also is it possible to get the bank statement from any branch ?

  13. Hi, I tried the first method SBI quick and send the sms. But I didn’t received any reply from bank in sms. It’s already been more then 12hours . What should I do?

  14. Sir I want an account statement from 17/02/2017 to 1/11/2018 but I am not able to get that via netbanking how can I get it now

  15. Hello, Sir,
    I have an account with SBI and the same is closed in July 2019. At that time i am using net bank and able to pull the report. but after closing the account, i am not able to pull the bank statement. Please advise me the proceedure for getting the closing statement.