What is my SBI statement PDF Password? get SBI statement Password in just 2 minutes

SBI customers can download the account statement via various methods. But the account statement you receive is password protected, and you need to enter the password every time to view the account statement. SBI bank sets the specific format to open the account statement, which consists of your personal data like mobile number, date of birth, account number, card number, etc. In this guide, we will see what is SBI statement PDF Password and how to remember the SBI statement password correctly. We will also see how to remove SBI statement PDF password so that you can open the account statement without a password anytime.

what is my SBI Statement PDF password

Things required to know the SBI statement Password –

  1. You should have the PDF file downloaded and saved on your computer/mobile over Email. Learn how to download SBI statement on mobile.
  2. Account number of your SBI account.
  3. The Registered mobile number in SBI Bank.
  4. Date of Birth of Account number.

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What is my SBI statement PDF Password? Know your SBI Statement Password format –

SBI has set a format to set a unique password for the bank account statement. The format is as follows-

SBI Bank keeps changing the password for SBI statement files. Here are some formats –

Format 1 – Create an SBI statement password using your DOB and Mobile Number.

The SBI statement password is first five characters are the last five digits of the registered mobile number. The last six characters of the password are Date of Birth in DDMMYY.

For e.g., If your registered mobile number is 9012345678 and your date of birth is 01 May 1990, then the password for SBI statement is 4567801051990.

Format 2 – Create an SBI statement password using the Account Number.

The SBI statement password is your 16-digit SBI account number.

E.g., If your account number is 1234567890123456, then the password to open the PDF statement is 1234567890123456.

You can enter this combination to view the e-statement and then print the PDF file.

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How to remove a SBI statement PDF password?

Many times, it becomes complicated to remember the password of different statement passwords. To overcome this situation, removing the password from the pdf statement is better.

We have a detailed guide regarding PDF password removal. Read from the below link –

READ How to Remove Password from PDF file

More ways to download SBI account statement –

There are various methods to download the account statement for your SBI account.

  1. Via Internet Banking – Login with your User and password on the SBI Internet banking website, and you can download the Account statement for your selected time duration.
  2. Via SBI Yono Lite App – Download SBI Yono Lite App for your smartphone to download the account statement in a PDF file.
  3. Via SBI Yono App – Download SBI Yono App for your smartphone to download the account statement in a PDF file.
  4. Via SBI Quick App – Via SBI Quick App, you can download SBI account statement without login.

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Summary –

In this guide, we have seen format for SBI statement PDF password and how to remove SBI statement password from PDF file. If you have any doubts/queries regarding the information provided in this article, write to us in the comment section below.

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  1. e statement pdf password is not for mobile number and DOB. Its yours SBI Account number…..Simple….try it

  2. You can use any free pdf reader to open the file. There is no need to spend money on the said reader.

  3. They are insisting to buy Adob Acrobat reader to open the file. Adob Acrobat reader is so costly (Minimun Eleven hundred and odd). Is it necessary to spent such huge amount only to view the Statement? This is most immoral on part of SBI

  4. While entering correct password also it was showing incorrect. what I suppose to do.