How to withdraw money without ATM card in SBI : YONO Cardless Cash

State bank of India has always been innovative for their customer service. SBI gives lots of online services that don’t require a branch visit. You can do almost everything from your home in the era of Digital India. SBI has now started a new innovative service that does not require your ATM card to withdraw your money from SBI ATM. Yes, you heard it right, you can now withdraw money if you forgot your Debit/ATM card or your ATM card is lost. In this guide, we will see how to withdraw money from without ATM card in SBI ATM.

How to withdraw money without ATM card in SBI : YONO Cardless Cash

The Technology behind Cardless Cash withdraw

Cardless Cash withdraws service uses your mobile number as an authenticator and confirms your identity so that debit or ATM card is not required for authentication. This service is handy in scenarios like you forgot the ATM card.

Benefits of the cardless cash in SBI

  1. You don’t need to have ATM/Debit card with you to withdraw money from SBI ATM
  2. You can use this facility to withdraw money by any of your relatives remotely by simply sharing secret code received on your mobile.
  3. This service does not require a smartphone or app to perform the withdraw. Of you have a basic feature phone which can receive SMS is also sufficient for money to withdraw.
  4. Using Net banking, you can generate secret code to withdraw cash from the SBI ATM. A smartphone would become handy for this using the YONO app.
  5. There is no additional charge if you use this service, YONO cardless cash is free to use.
  6. The secret OTP code received on your mobile number is valid only for 30 minutes, which gives maximum security to your account.
  7. You can only withdraw an amount that is entered while generating secret code. This confirms only you know the amount to be withdraw making your transaction secure.

Disadvantages of the YONO cardless cash service

  1. The facility only allowed in SBI ATM’s and currently not all SBI ATMs have this facility. SBI will eventually enable this feature to all its SBI ATMs soon.
  2. Currently, a minimum of ₹ 500 can be withdrawn using this facility. Less than 500 rs withdraw is not possible.
  3. A maximum of ₹ 10,000 can be withdrawn in a single transaction and ₹ 20,000 can be withdrawn in a single day.

Things require for YONO cardless cash –

  1. Internet Banking login for your SBI account – If you don’t have internet banking facility, you can apply for SBI net banking registration.
  2. The mobile number should be registered in the Bank. You can register your mobile in the sbi online.
  3. The bank registered mobile number should be with you to receive the OTP code via SMS.
  4. You need to withdraw cash within 30 minutes of creating code from the Yono App/website.
  5. Only SBI select ATMs with YONO cashpoints are supported currently. (See the sign outside ATM or check YONO cash option ion the main menu of the ATM)

How to withdraw money without ATM card in SBI

Follow these simple steps to avail SBI YONO cardless cash facility –

  • Step1: In your browser open the SBI yono website:
  • Step2: Once the website is loaded, enter your SBI internet banking User ID and password and login to the website.
  • Step3: On the main page i.e My Relationships, scroll down below to the bottom of the page and click on Yono Cash Option.
    click on yono cash
  • Step4: Select ATM option from the next page for yono cardless cash.
    select atm option for yono cash
  • Step5: Now, select your account from the dropdown menu and enter the amount in multiples of ₹500, and click on the Next button to go further.
    enter amount to withdraw for yono cardless cash
  • Step6: On the next page, enter a six-digit Yono cash PIN of your choice.
    enter yono cash pin
  • Step7: The next page shows a summary of your selection. Confirm each entry and tick mark on I agree with terms and conditions option.
  • Step8: Once you click on the Confirm button, the next screen instructs you on how to use the yono cardless cash.
    transaction numbe for yono cashr
  • Step9: Now, go to the nearest SBI ATM and from the main menu, select the YONO cash option.
  • Step10: Enter the amount to be withdrawn and press Enter.
  • Step11: Now, enter the Six Digit Transaction ID and press Enter.
  • Step12: On the next screen, enter the six Digit Yono Cash PIN which you set in step 6.
  • Step13: Once both the PINs are verified, your cash will be dispensed from the machine.

Collect the cash and your process is completed. With these thirteen easy steps, you can withdraw money without ATM card in SBI.


YONO cash is a new feature introduced by SBI bank for its customers. In this guide, we have seen how to withdraw money without ATM card in SBI. In case, you have any queries regarding the information provided in this guide, feel free to comment in the below comment section.


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