How to get Interest Certificate from SBI?

An interest Certificate from the savings account/loan account/fixed deposit is required for Income Tax Return Filing. If you want to get Interest Certificate from SBI, then read this guide. In this article, we will see how to get interest certificate from SBI through internet banking and mobile banking without going to a bank branch.

How to get interest certificate from SBI

Things required to view/download Interest Certificate in SBI –

  1. SBI Internet banking user ID and password – You must have SBI Internet banking username and SBI Password to view/download interest certificate.
  2. SBI Quick App/ SBI Samadhan App – You can install SBI Quick/SBI Samadhan App on your smartphone and register on the app using your mobile number.
  3. Email ID must be registered with the bank to receive interest Certificate over email using mobile app.

How to get Interest Certificate from SBI?

Three methods are currently available to receive Interest Certificate for your SBI account.

  1. Via Internet banking
  2. via SBI Quick App / Via SBI Samadhaan App

We will see each method in detail –

Method 1 – How to get Interest Certificate from SBI through Internet Banking?

  1. Open SBI Internet banking website on your computer/smartphone –
  2. Enter your Username and Password and log in to your account.
  3. Click on the ‘e-Services‘ option from the main on e services option in sbi net banking
  4. Now, select the ‘My Certificates‘ option from the list of services displayed on the screen.
  5. Now, select which type of interest certificate you want. (e.g. – If you have a loan account, then select Loan Interest Certificate)select interest certificate option in sbi
  6. You can view the interest accumulated/deducted from your account. At the bottom of the certificate, click on Download Interest certificate in PDF file.view and download sbi interest certificate
  7. Save the PDF file on your computer/phone. You can print the certificate if you need it.

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Method 2 – How to download Interest Certificate from SBI using SBI Quick App?

Using SB Quick App, you can receive an Interest certificate on your registered email ID. You can use the SBI Quick App without the internet.

  1. Download SBI Quick App on your smartphone.

    Download SBI Quick App for Android

    Download SBI Quick App for iOS

  2. Open the app and allow all required permissions.
  3. Now, tap on the Account Services option from the menu.tap on account services in sbi quick app
  4. From the new screen, click on the Interest Certificate option based on your account type. (E.g., if you have Education Loan, then tap on Edu Loan Int. Cert)select interest certificate option in sbi quick app
  5. Enter your Account number and four-digit Passcode, then tap on Submit button.enter account number and passcode to get interest certificate using sbi quick app
  6. The interest Certificate will be sent to your email ID registered with the bank.
  7. Now login to your email id, and you can now open the PDF file and enter the four-digit Passcode to View the interest certificate.

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Summary –

The guide explains the easy methods to get Interest Certificate from SBI using Internet Banking and Mobile Banking. Both methods can be done online, and you don’t need to go to the bank branch and stand in a long queue to get an interest certificate. If you have any doubts/queries regarding the information provided in this article, write to us in the comment section below.

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  1. I tried internet banking.. After I click on Interest on deposits, nothing comes up and screen says,, ” NO RECORDS FOUND.

  2. Internet Banking only gives the Interest certificate for the last FY. How can I get it for the last 2 years online?

  3. Hi, If you have a different CIF then you can get the different Interest certificate by visiting the bank branch.

  4. My account in my name and my wife’s name with different CIF, both are separate FIxed deposits and the interest is credited to one account. For tax purpose we need different tax certificate. Pl advice how to get it in the net banking.
    E.mail. [email protected]