How much money we can transfer from Yono SBI? 6 Easy Ways to transfer money through Yono.

State bank of India has a mobile banking app known as You Only Need One (YONO), which provides almost every digital Banking feature that you can avail yourself of through internet banking or by visiting a bank branch. With Yono, you can transfer money using NEFT/IMPS and even with UPI. In this guide, we will see how much money we can transfer from Yono SBI App.

How much money we can transfer from Yono SBI

Things required to transfer money using Yono SBI App

  1. SBI Internet Banking Username and password.
  2. The registered mobile number must be with you and active to receive OTP via SMS.
  3. Beneficiary Account Number, IFSC code, and mobile number.
  4. Beneficiary UPI ID (for UPI transfer)
  5. Beneficiary MMID to transfer using the Mobile+MMID method.

How much money we can transfer from Yono SBI?

Using Yono App, you can transfer money via various modes of payment. We will see each method and its total allowable transfer limit-

    1. Using NEFT – Yono App NEFT mode is limited to 10 Lakh in 24 hrs.
    2. Using IMPS – up to 2 lakh
    3. Using RTGS – 2 lakh to 10 lakh
    4. Quick Transfer IMPS – Maximum 25, 000
    5. mCash – 1101 per transaction, 2202 in a day, and 5101 in a month. Charges, Rs. 2.5 + taxes per transaction
    6. UPI – 1 lakh per transaction per day

Here is the table for each transaction mode, its transfer limit, and other features –

How much money we can transfer from Yono SBI? SBI Yono transaction limit per day –


 Transfer Limit per Day

 Require to add a beneficiary?


NEFT Rs. 10 Lakh Yes  Nil
 IMPS Rs. 2 Lakh Yes Nil
 RTGS Rs. 2 Lakh to Rs. 10 Lakh Yes Nil
Quick Transfer Rs. 25,000 per transaction No Nil
SBI mCash Rs. 1,101 per transaction, Rs. 2,202 in a day, and Rs. 5,101 in a month No Rs. 2.5 + tax per transaction
UPI Rs. 1 Lakh per transaction per day No Nil


So if you want to transfer the maximum amount of money in a day –

Use NEFT + RTGS + IMPS + UPI + Quick Transfer + mCash = 10 lakh + 10 Lakh + 2 Lakh + 1 Lakh + Rs. 25,000 + Rs. 2,202 = 23,27,202 Rs.

“The maximum money we can transfer from Yono SBI is Twenty Three Lakh Twenty Seven Thousand Two Hundred and Two Rupees in a Single Day

How to transfer money from Yono SBI App?

Now that you know how much money we can transfer using the Yono SBI app know how to transfer the money using various payment modes given in the above table –

  1. NEFT/IMPS/RTGS – Login to Yono SBI App and add a beneficiary to use this feature. After adding a beneficiary, select NEFT/IMPS option and enter the account details.
  2. SBI Quick Transfer – This method doesn’t require you to add a beneficiary and wait for its activation. Read a detailed guide on how to transfer money using SBI Quick Transfer mode.
  3. mCash – This mode also doesn’t require beneficiary addition. Read the detailed step-by-step guide on how to send money using the SBI mCash feature.
  4. UPI – Use any UPI App (such as GPay) to send the money without knowing account details. You can also use the SBI Yono UPI feature to transfer money.

How to transfer more than 1 lakh in SBI Yono app?

You can transfer more than 1 lakh in SBI Yono using NEFT and RTGS features. You can also use IMPS to transfer amount more than 1 lakh.

How to transfer more than 25,000 from SBI Yono?

SBI Quick facility allows only 25000 Rs. for a fund transfer without beneficiary. You can add beneficiary and to send money more that 25,000 Rs.

Can I transfer 2 lakh through Yono SBI?

Yes, you can transfer more than 2 Lakh thorough Yono SBI using NEFT mode. To use NEFT you must add beneficiary in your sbi account.

Summary –

We have seen how much money we can transfer from Yono SBI app within a day. In case you have any doubts/queries regarding the information provided in this article, you can write to us in the comment section below.

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