How to check monthly average balance in SBI?

State Bank of India gives many banking features that are not available in other banks in India. Because of the services they offer and digital banking, many people open account with the SBI. Many banks have now started Monthly Average Balance (MAB) concept to avoid inactive accounts. SBI also has minimum balance criteria that account holders need to maintain in their accounts to avoid charges. You can check your MAB online for your SBI account. In this guide, we will see how to check monthly average balance in SBI online using your phone.

How to check monthly average balance in SBI

Things require to check monthly average balance in SBI –

  1. SBI Internet Banking Username. If you forgot the username, read our guide on how to recover the username in SBI internet banking.
  2. SBI Internet banking password. If you forgot the password, read our guide on how to reset SBI password.

How to check monthly average balance in SBI? How to check minimum balance required in sbi?

  1. Open SBI internet banking website on your computer –
  2. Now, enter your username and password. Also, enter the captcha code correctly and click on Login button.
  3. Once you log in to your account, from the accounts section, click on “Click here to view the last 10 transactions“.click on check last 10 transactions
  4. You can now view the mini statement of sbi account. From here, click on “Click here to check MAB“.click on check MAB option
  5. On the new page, you can now check monthly average balance of your sbi account.check SBI MAB

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How to maintain Average Minimum Balance (MAB) smartly?

Suppose your Account required MAB is Rs. 2,000, then you need to maintain an average balance of 2000 within a 30 days span.

You can keep Rs, 60,000 for one day, and your MAB is maintained for a month. Here’s how Rs.6000 /  30 days = 2,000 Rs per day.

Alternatively, you can keep Rs. 30000 for 15 days to maintain MAB. 30,000/15 = 2,000 rs per day.

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