SBI Branch Change : How to transfer SBI account to another branch online/offline

SBI account holders can now transfer their accounts to another SBI branch online. Due to some reasons, you may want to transfer your account and change the branch of SBI, this can be done online now. In this guide, we will see how to transfer SBI account to another branch online. Also, we will see the offline method to change the branch.

How to transfer sbi account to another branch

Things required to transfer SBI account to another branch online

  1. Your mobile number should be registered with the bank
  2. You must register for SBI internet banking and must know the user id and password.
  3. You must know the branch code of the branch you want to transfer your account in. Get the branch code from this link –
  4. Note that this facility is available only from 8 AM to 8 PM.

How to transfer SBI account to another branch online? SBI Branch Change Offline/online

Follow these simple steps to transfer your account.

  1. Open the SBI internet banking website on your phone –
  2. Enter your user id and password. Also, enter the correct captcha and click on the Login button.
  3. Once you log in to your account, from the dashboard, click on the E-services on e services
  4. Now, from the new page, click on the Transfer of savings account on transfer of savings account
  5. On the new page a form will open, here, select your account number which you want to transfer.
  6. Enter the Branch Code of the bank which you want to transfer in and then click on Get Bank Name button.enter branch code
  7. Click on I accept terms and conditions at the bottom of the form and then click on the Submit button.
  8. On the new page, check the all details you entered are correct and click on the Confirm button.
  9. You will now get a High-security password on your phone via SMS. Enter this OTP and click on the Confirm button.enter otp received on mobile
  10. Your request is now submitted. Wait for some days and your account will be transferred to the new SBI branch.

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Things to do after you transfer account to another SBI branch –

  1. Visit the branch and get the new passbook. Charges of 50 Rs. will be deducted for the new passbook.
  2. Apply for a new cheque book with updated branch details and IFSC code.

How to apply for a new cheque book online?

  1. Log in to internet banking and click on Request and Enquiries option from the menu.enter otp received on mobile
  2. Click on the Cheque book request option.
  3. From the new screen, select the account number, number of cheque books, and number of leaves and then click on the Submit button.chequbook request online
  4. On the new screen, select the address you want to get the cheque book and click on the Submit button. Know how to change address in SBI from here.
  5. Within a few days, you will get the SMS regarding the dispatch of your cheque book.
  6. You can track the status of your chequebook on India post website using tracking ID received on SMS.

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Summary –

In this guide we have seen How to transfer SBI account to another branch online. In case you find any difficulty regarding this information, feel free to write below in the comment section.

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  1. I have closed my account 20 years back, now on reopening of account, it says to transfer the CIF account from old branch.

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  4. My account got transferred through online transfer method, but new branch stating still CIF number pointing to old branch. How to transfer CIF number to new branch

  5. Earlier, my salary account was in navi mumbai. My transfer became in bihar, patna and my salary is being get in new bank accounts number. Now, I applied for loan in sbi, bihar patna. But loan is not accepted due to technical error. Bank officer told that old sbi account of mumbai is to be transferred in the same branch in bihar. Please give me guidance.

  6. I transferred my account to another branch. What should I do to receive my pension at the new branch.

  7. Account number will be same, you will have to use new IFSC number and you can get new passbook with new branch address

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    Is the account will be same,
    Is the ATM card will be same to use,
    And back pass book , IFCS no etc…
    Please let me know.

  9. Why should we require new cheque book after transfer the account to another branch in sbi

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