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  1. I have closed my account 20 years back, now on reopening of account, it says to transfer the CIF account from old branch.

  2. Will the FD associated will the savings account get transferred to new branch after a branch change?also what to do to change inb phone no?

  3. For SBI,With savings account transfer, the home loan account get automatically transfered?

  4. My account got transferred through online transfer method, but new branch stating still CIF number pointing to old branch. How to transfer CIF number to new branch

  5. Earlier, my salary account was in navi mumbai. My transfer became in bihar, patna and my salary is being get in new bank accounts number. Now, I applied for loan in sbi, bihar patna. But loan is not accepted due to technical error. Bank officer told that old sbi account of mumbai is to be transferred in the same branch in bihar. Please give me guidance.

  6. I transferred my account to another branch. What should I do to receive my pension at the new branch.

  7. Account number will be same, you will have to use new IFSC number and you can get new passbook with new branch address

  8. During transfer of SBI saving bank account what are changes :
    Is the account will be same,
    Is the ATM card will be same to use,
    And back pass book , IFCS no etc…
    Please let me know.

  9. Why should we require new cheque book after transfer the account to another branch in sbi

  10. Can I transfer current account also from one branch to another branch through online