How to check MOD balance in SBI?

MOD stands for Multi Option Deposit. SBI bank gives the facility to auto sweep the extra amount into MOD account. In this guide, we will see what is MOD balance? and how to check MOD balance in SBI? in detail.

How to check MOD balance in sbi

What is MOD balance?

MOD stands for “Multi Option Deposit,” and it is a facility that automatically sweeps the extra amount from your account to a fixed deposit. When your account balance exceeds the particular amount, the remaining amount will be transferred to a MOD balance.

MOD account gets a higher interest rate. MOD account is generally created for 1 Year term. ou can create a MOD account manually or by auto sweep facility given by Bank to a few salary account holders. Read how to create a MOD account balance in SBI.

The interest rates for the MOD account are higher than the regular Fixed Deposits. Know the latest MOD account interest rates from this Link –

What is Debit Sweep?

Debit Sweep is the amount that is transferred to the MOD balance automatically or when you create one. Once you create a MOD FD, your saving account will be deducted and transferred to MOD FD and the transaction shown in the account statement is Debit Sweep.

Features of Multi Option Deposit –

  • Minimum Period of deposit – 1 Year,
  • Maximum Period of deposit – 5 Years
  • Minimum Term Deposit Amount for MOD Creation: Rs. 10,000/- (in multiple of Rs. 1,000/- each thereafter.
  • Maximum Term Deposit Amount for MOD Creation: No Upper Limit

How to check MOD balance in SBI? SBI debit sweep balance check 

There are two methods through which you can quickly check MOD balance in SBI.

  1. Through SBI YONO Lite App
  2. Through Internet Banking

We will see each method in detail –

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Method 1 – How to check MOD balance in SBI using Yono Lite App?

  1. Install the SBI Yono lite app on your smartphone and log in with your internet banking user id and password.

    Download Yono Lite App for Android

    Download Yono Lite App for iOS

  2. Once you login to your account, tap on My accounts option.
    click on my accounts option
  3. On the screen, tap on Accounts summary option.
    click on accounts summary
  4. Now, from the new screen, tap on the Deposits Accounts option.
    check mod account balance
  5. You can now check all the MOD accounts here and the balance in each mod account.

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Method 2 – How to check MOD balance in SBI using Internet Banking?

  1. Open the SBI internet banking website on your phone/computer –
  2. Log in with your User ID and password.
  3. Click on the Account Summary option.
  4. On the new screen, under the Deposits section, you can view all your MOD accounts.check mod balance using net banking
  5. Click on the “Click here for balance” option to check MOD balance in SBI.

This is how you can easily check MOD Balance in SBI.

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How to Withdraw money from MOD account? How to close MOD account in SBI?

The MOD account balance amount can be withdrawn when your main account balance falls below a particular amount. For example, when my account balance falls below 25000 Rs, The mod account balance will be credited in multiple of 1000 Rs. into the main account balance.

You can close the MOD account as you would close the Fixed Deposit account. The interest accumulated till date will be credited to your saving account at the time of breaking MOD.

NOTE – Please note that the MOD account created by Auto Sweep facility cannot to closed and the amount only be used when your main balance falls below 0 Rs.

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  1. Sr mera mud me 80 hjar rupya he or jo belyns so krta he 7 rupees or yono ype me v so nhi kr rha he or Google py se v nhi jata or mera upaye btao

  2. It is not showing all. My 48,000/- detected but not showing in deposits. I showed to our branch manager. Still no solvations

  3. Hey, I have recently created a SBI savings account and submitted an application for Plus account. How do I know if my account is simply Saving or has MOD options?

  4. In deposit section all account and the grand sum are there..but if i check it through transaction account normal mod balance its missing many old account..only adding latest mod they are giving..why its happening..checked through net banking & yono..ans authentic pls..

  5. Facing problem during checking mod account balance through online or deposit all the accounts are there but if i check it through transactional account last ten transaction its showing only current last 6 account grand sum as Mod balance.but deposit section total balance is different why its happening??

  6. Sir,
    I Ajay Kumar Singh my account number is 1102 6458 XXX I have some amount in my main balance but last 3 month not sweep in mod balance, So i have not received any facilities by given mode balance, please check and help me.

  7. Its auto FD facility. If you are getting”debit sweep” in passbook then that amount is transferred to FD which you can check from the Deposite Accounts section.

  8. It is may be FD, You may have to close the FD to get it back into your main account

  9. My MoD balance is not visible .. and after my.main balance is low. MOD money is not reflecting in main account.

  10. Hi,
    I have some amount in my under my Fixed Deposit. I believe, it is a part of MOD balance, Now, I want to withdraw that money but when I am trying to partially break it, on that page, I can see those three accounts where my MOD balance is segregated. But on this page, for all the account, the balance is showing as zero. But on my home page, I see balance in those accounts. Please help with clarification.

  11. Hi, your money is in your account only. It is converted into FD which you can break at any time when your account balance goes below 25000/-. You can check this MOD balance by reading the steps mentioned in the article.

  12. Please my saving account number 521702XXXXX through auto sweep mod balance rupees 31000/-please send my please send my rupees 31000/-my saving account transfer