SBI online money transfer using debit card : SBI IMT service to transfer money using ATM card

State Bank of India offers many digital banking facilities to its customers. One such services is money transfer using a debit card via ATM. If you don’t have Internet Banking access or don’t have a smartphone to use UPI Apps, you can use your debit card at SBI ATM to transfer money to the beneficiary. In this guide, we will see how to do SBI online money transfer using debit card using ATM.

SBI online money transfer using debit card

What is SBI debit card money transfer?

SBI’s Instant money transfer facility doesn’t require Internet banking access or doesn’t need a registered mobile number. Any user with an ATM card or Debit card can transfer the money from their account to the beneficiary. the beneficiary also doesn’t require to have an account with the bank. A beneficiary can withdraw money at SBI ATM with just a code sent by a bank, and the OTP is received on their phone at the time of withdrawal.

SBI Debit card transfer limit –

A nominal charge of Rs.25 will be deducted from the sender’s account for this service. 10,000 Rs per transaction per person is allowed. You can send Rs. 25,000 per sender per month. Also, you can only send Rs. 50,000 in total per month. There is a limit of 10 beneficiaries per sender per month.

 Transfer Limit Desc.


Per Transaction Limit Rs. 10,000/-
Per Person Per Month Limit Rs. 25,000/-
Total send limit per Month Rs. 50,000/-
Charges per transfer Rs. 25/-
Transaction Limit per Month Upto 10 persons only

Things required to transfer money using debit card in SBI ATM –

Make sure to fulfill/gather the following things before going to the SBI ATM –

  1. SBI Debit Card – You must have an ATM/Debit Card with you to transfer money.
  2. ATM PIN – You must know the four-digit ATM PIN to verify the ownership.
  3. Beneficiary mobile number –  Make sure that the mobile number is valid and active. SBI will send the sender code on this number.
  4. Your mobile number.

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How to do SBI online money transfer using debit card? How to transfer money from sbi debit card to other bank account?

Follow these simple steps to transfer money using sbi debit card easily

  1. Get your SBI ATM card and visit the nearest SBI group ATM
  2. Insert your card and enter your ATM PIN.
  3. Do not try to remove the card until the transaction is completed or you cancel the transaction.
  4. Select “Fund Transfer” option.
  5. Select IMT option – SBI Instant Money transfer.
  6. Enter the beneficiary’s mobile number from the keypad of the ATM.
  7. Now, enter your mobile number using the keypad.
  8. Now enter the four-digit Sender Code. You can select any code of your choice.
  9. Re-enter the sender code for confirmation.
  10. Now, enter the amount you want to send to the beneficiary. You can enter the amount in multiples of 100. Maximum of 10,000 Rs.
  11. Confirm the selection by selecting “Yes“.
  12. Now, you can select the account number you want to make a debit.
  13. A 15-digit IMT number will be displayed on the screen. Also, the system will send an “SMS code” to the beneficiary’s mobile number.

> Steps to withdraw money by beneficiary sent by you via IMT

  1. The beneficiary needs to visit the SBI group ATM within 2 days of receiving the SMS code on their phone.
  2. Select the IMT option from the screen of the ATM.
  3. Enter the Sender Code, which you will tell them.
  4. On the next screen, enter the SMS code that they received on their mobile number.
  5. Now, enter the amount that you sent (Need to enter the full amount as the partial amount is not allowed currently).
  6. ATM will dispense the cash. Collect the cash to complete the transaction.

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Summary –

You can easily send money using debit card in SBI ATM. In this guide, we have seen the process of SBI online money transfer using debit card online. Let me know if you have any doubts/queries in the comment section below.

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