What is State bank virtual card? How to create SBI virtual Card? in Just 1 minute

SBI is one of the leading banks in India. SBI always comes up with the latest features to serve its customers. State bank customers always love to use the latest features to get the most out of their SBI accounts and access them anywhere, anytime. One such service is the SBI virtual card. This card is created virtually, and you don’t need to have a physical debit card for online shopping and online transactions. In this article, I have explained what is SBI virtual card, how to create SBI virtual card and use of this card, and the benefits of this card.

how to create sbi virtual card

What is an SBI Virtual Credit card?

SBI has launched a feature that lets you use a credit card without having it in your hand. It means you don’t need to apply for that card, but you can get it online. SBI virtual card details are created online and can be used for online transactions only.

This virtual card requires a minimum of 100 rs top-up, and then SBI lets you create one you which have months of validity.

Benefits of SBI Virtual Card

Virtual cards have many advantages and benefits over physical debit cards –

  1. You can use this virtual card to shop online at various online shopping websites.
  2. Use an SBI virtual card for bill payments, recharges, etc.
  3. You can use such a card if your physical SBI card is blocked or closed.
  4. SBI virtual card is beneficial to protect your physical card against online fraud, card swap, and card details theft.
  5. This card is created online, so you don’t need to wait to use it.

How to create SBI virtual Card online?

there are two ways to create this card with ease. We will see both ways in detail –

Method 1 – Create SBI virtual card using SBI net banking

  1. Open onlinesbi.com on your desktop/smartphone.
  2. Login to your account using your user ID and Password.
  3. Go to the ‘E-services‘ option from the top horizontal menu.
  4. Now click on the ‘E-cards‘ option from the given options.select e cards from sbi inb to create virtual card
  5. Now click on State bank Virtual Card option.select state bank virtual card option
  6. Select your account number and then choose the card limit.create SBI virtual card online
  7. You can create this card with a Minimum of 100 rs to a maximum of 50,000 Rs. balance.
  8. Once done, select the ‘I accept‘ option and click on Generate button on the next screen; your card details will be shown.

You can now use this card for online transactions/shopping.

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Method 2 – Create State bank virtual card using SBI Anywhere App (Yono Lite)

  1. You can create this card on your mobile also with ease. For this, you need to have SBI anywhere app activated on your phone.
  2. Open SBI anywhere (Yono Lite) app on your phone and tap on the Services option.
  3. Now tap on State bank virtual card option.tap on state bank virtual card option from sbi anywhere app
  4. From the next screen, select generate virtual card and then select your account number from the drop-down menu.
  5. enter the Card limit and accept the t&c option.enter virtual card limit
  6. Tap on the Generate button, and your card will be generated successfully.

That’s it; the newly generated card can be used online now.

Now that you already know how to create state bank virtual card, you should know how to cancel it. At times, you may have used the card, but the remaining account is still available on the card, which will remain there for six months. But if you don’t need the card anymore, then you can cancel it. Let us check how to do this –

How to Cancel State bank Virtual card?

This is also a simple step in both methods –

  1. Just go to Services – State Bank virtual card and select the Cancel Virtual card.
  2. Now select the card you want to cancel and tap/click on the cancel button.
  3. Your remaining account will now be credited to your account, and your card will be cancelled.

Summary –

With the help of this article, you can successfully create an SBI virtual card. The article also explains what an SBI virtual card is and how to cancel it after you don’t need it. If you have any doubts, let us know in the comment section below.

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  1. In method 2 step 4 iI was getting a popup that this “Currently this service is not available”. please help me as soon as possible.

  2. In step-5 I can see
    Gift Card
    NCMC Debit Plus card
    Credit Card (VISA) Bill Pay
    Prepaid Card
    State Bank Foreign Travel Card
    ((in the place of ))
    state bank virtual card
    Gift Card
    Credit Card (VISA) Bill Pay
    Prepaid Card