How to get SBI CIF number Online and Offline? [easily in just 5 minutes]

SBI is one of the biggest banks in India. SBI offers many facilities to its customers online and offline. To avail of some of the services, you need to know the CIF number of your account. This number is unique for every customer and the same for all accounts in SBI in any branch. In this article, I have explained how to get SBI CIF number online and offline.

how to get sbi cif number online offline

What is CIF number? Full form of CIF number in SBI –

The Customer Information File (CIF) is the unique number assigned to every customer. CIF number stores all your personal and account details in the SBI database. This number helps to identify your accounts and track all transactions for the bank. Generally, this CIF number is not required to us as a customer, but in some cases, it’s required.

Where do we need a CIF number?

One specific service where we need a CIF number is the SBI branch change. You need to know your CIF number to transfer your account from one SBI branch to another.

Things required to find SBI CIF Number –

  1. Internet banking Username and password.
  2. Passbook.
  3. Chequbook.
  4. Welcome Letter

A] How to get SBI CIF Number Online?

There are two different methods to check the CIF number online.

  1. From SBI Yono Lite App
  2. SBI internet banking

Method 1 – How to get SBI CIF number from SBI Yono Lite?

Follow these steps –

  1. Download and install the SBI Yono Lite App from the Play Store or App Store.
  2. If you are a first-time user of the Yono Lite App, then register for the App. Read how to register for SBI Yono Lite App for the first time.
  3. Once you log in successfully to the App, tap the ‘Services’ option.
  4. From the next screen, tap on the ‘Online nomination‘ online nomination option in yono lite
  5. Select your account type from the next screen as ‘Transaction account‘ or ‘Deposit account.’
  6. On the same screen, select the account number.
  7. You can now see the SBI CIF number on your screen.get sbi cif number from yono lite app

You can note this CIF number and close the App safely.

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Method 2 – How to get SBI CIF number from Internet banking?

Follow these steps –

  1. Open on your phone or computer.
  2. Log in with your SBI net banking Username and Password.
  3. Click on the ‘Account statement‘ option from the left side on account statement option
  4. Select the account number and select the account statement period. And then click on the Submit button.
  5. You can see the CIF number at the beginning of the Account statement.get cif number from internet banking

This way, you can get the CIF number of your SBI account with these simple four steps.

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B] How to get SBI CIF number Offline?

1. From the Passbook –

You can get the CIF number from the passbook.

  1. Open the first page of your SBI Passbook.
  2. You can also see your details on the page, such as Name, Address, Bank Branch Name, Address, IFSC number, and the SBI CIF Number.

2. From SBI customer care helpline number –

You can call to SBI helpline number and ask for your CIF number. After connecting the call, the executive may ask for details to verify your identity. You can then ask them for the CIF number.

SBI customer care number – 1800112211  OR 18004253800

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FAQ on SBI CIF number –

How can I get CIF number of SBI by SMS?

You cannot get CIF number of SBI by SMS. But there are other easy ways (online and offline) to get the cif easily.

How can I get CIF number without passbook?

Yes, you can get the CIF number even if you don't have passbook with you. You can login to Yono Lite App or SBI Internet banking and get your CIF.

Is IFSC code same as CIF?

No. IFSC code and CIF number are different. IFSC code is used to identify the branch of the bank , where CIF number is the unique number assignedto each customer and it must be kept private.

Where is CIF number in SBI ATM card?

CIF number is not mentioned on SBI ATM card. However, you can get the CIF number from Passbook or by login to your account on Yono Lite or Internet banking.

Where is CIF number in SBI passbook?

CIF number is mentioned in SBI passbook below account number. It is a 10 digit number printed on the passbook and should not be confused with MICR number and account number.

Summary –

The SBI CIF number is a unique number assigned to every customer. This guide teaches you how to get SBI CIF number online and offline. If you have any questions regarding this article, please write them down in the comment section below.

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  1. None of the methods give CIF number of joint account holder!! How do we get CIF number of joint account holder?

  2. HI ,
    I have transferred my SB account different branch. But when i log in to internet banking its showing No accounts mapped for this username. So please suggest me what i need to do.

  3. There is no need to change the CIF and bank wont allow to change the CIF. One customer, one CIF number that’s it. You can change your branch with same account number and cif number by following above guide.

  4. The customer is not possible to change their CIF number. The customer account only transferred to the another branch without changing the CIF. The customer wants to the request branch (home branch) in person with writing the letter with KYC (photocopy) and handover to the branch manager. The Bank manager will change the CIF whenever he/she gets available (based on our urgent they will not work).

    Complaint/My concerns:
    I don’t know why if customer accounts number is only changed to another branch without changing the CIF. Since the customer wants to contact both branch (the bankers pointing each other without worrying customer pain points – Public banks). Atleast the private bank can see the customer face and tried to solve the issue or give the proper direction to solve the customer issue.

  5. Aap apni delhi branch m call karke CIF number transfer krva skte h aur apko vha jane ki bhi jarurt nhi h. Same problem mere sath bhi h.mene prso hi apni branch m call kiya aur unhone kha vo mera cif number transfer kr denge

  6. Hi,
    I opened one SBI account in Imphal in 2009 and opened another account in Delhi which i used internet banking. I merged both the accounts and canceled the account which i opened in delhi. Now i had moved to imphal permanently. When i went to change the phone number at imphal branch, it could not be changed and they said the CIF is under Delhi branch and I need to go to the delhi branch and transfer the CIF from there only. As i moved to imphal permanently and because if Covid 19, i wont be able to go back delhi.

    Please help me the other means how can i transfer the CIF from Delhi to Imphal.