How to change mobile number in axis bank? [Easy 3 minutes process]

Axis Bank is one of the most trusted banks in India. With increasing customers and the Digital India campaign, Axis Bank has rolled out a new feature to change mobile number online. Using Online Services, you can change/update your mobile number easily. In this guide, we have explained how to change mobile number in Axis Bank online using Internet banking and ATMs. Also, the offline method is included, just in case.

How to change mobile number in axis bank

The need for Mobile number Update in the Bank

One main reason for changing the mobile number in Axis Bank is that your old mobile number is closed. Sometimes, your linked mobile number is stolen, and you decide to take a new SIM card, then you can update mobile number in Axis Bank.

Advantages of Mobile Number Update in Axis Bank

Once you change/update your mobile number, you can receive SMS alerts, check your account balance, register for Axis Bank Internet banking, Axis Bank mobile banking, etc.

How to change Mobile Number in Axis Bank?

Please follow these easy steps to change your mobile number in Axis Bank –

  1. Go to the Axis Bank Internet Banking login portal –
  2. Enter your login details and log in to your Internet banking dashboard.
  3. Now click on ‘Update personal details‘.
  4. Now, click on the ‘Contact Number‘ Option.How to change mobile number in axis bank
  5. Enter your new mobile number and click on the ‘Update’ button.
  6. Now, the OTP will be sent to your new mobile number.
  7. Enter the received OTP into the provided box.

Once you click on Update Mobile Number Button, you can change your mobile number in Axis Bank.

How to change Mobile Number in Axis Bank using ATM?

Now, you can update your Axis Bank registered mobile number using any Axis ATM.

  1. Go to any Axis ATM near you.
  2. Insert your card and enter your ATM PIN.
  3. Now, from the list of menu options, press the button corresponding to the ‘Registration’ Option.How to change mobile number in axis bank
  4. Select the ‘Change Mobile Number’ option.
  5. The message will show which contains question – A/C no. XXXXXXXX is registered with mobile 9812345678 do you want to update?.
  6. Select the ‘Update’ option from the screen.
  7. Now, enter your new Mobile Number by using the ATM number keypad and pressing the ‘Confirm‘ button.
  8. On the next screen, once again, enter your new mobile number to confirm and select on Update option.

Your mobile number is now changed, and the bank will update new mobile number within one working day.

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How to change mobile number in Axis Bank through Branch?

This is the oldest method to update mobile number in Axis Bank, but it is proven to be the most used method by rural/semi-rural area customers. However, the bank is encouraging its customers to use online services.

  1. Go to your Axis Bank branch and visit the Helpdesk
  2. Ask them for the KYC update form.
  3. Fill out the form and enter which details you want to update. Don’t forget to enter your new mobile here.
  4. Also, enter your details, like your account number, and sign the document for verification.
  5. Submit the form to the corresponding desk.

Done. You have successfully updated your mobile number. It will take up to 3 working days to update your new mobile number in the system.

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Summary –

In this guide, we have seen three easy methods of how to Change Mobile number in Axis Bank. Using Internet banking, using ATM and through Bank Branch, you can update mobile number in Axis Bank.

If you have any doubt questions, feel free to ask them in the comment section below.

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  1. i have changed my mobile number in the ATM, how many days it will take to get updated with my new mobile number

  2. My mobile number change to my axis beni acount please my new number 8811931871

  3. No option available in Internet banking, to change mobile number. ATM change also did not work. Only option is to go to branch.

  4. After updating the number I m unable to login to the app , with that updated number .

  5. Husband aboved my account number linked mobile number satpal Rawat 971852XXXX change my mobile number 9582223745 my account number 919010001XXXXX please request me

  6. I’m unable to change my mobile number by online banking in axis bank.
    Pls suggest me

  7. This sounds so easy—but the information is wrong. Axis Bank makes it incredibly difficult for customers living outside India to change the mobile number connected to the account, even after the customer has entered his bank account number and password.

    I used to think that Axis Bank was forward-looking but have changed my mind. I have spent hours trying to do business online with Axis Bank—all futile. From the other comments on this website, many other customers are frustrated, too.

  8. Hello , I have my NRE / NRO account with Axis Bank Jyoti Nagar Delhi .

    I had given correct details of my account and contact details like email ( [email protected] ) and Mobile Number ( +91 96508XXXXX )

    But they did mistake in my phone number updation( +91 96508XXXXX ) and now problem is that I am not able to do my Net banking bcoz OTP is going to incorrect number.

    Please reply me on my email so I can access and reply you .

    Kindly help me

  9. im in a different country, as travel is not possible now, im need to update my new phone number, the customer care service is lethargic and won’t answer calls, I’ve been trying to call like crazy. all I want is just to update my new phone number and im unable to do so. the method that’s being discussed here is not working , we tried it already. plz help if anyone knows a workaround

  10. Hi I am holding an account with Axis bank but its strange , i am not able to change (update) my mobile no, desperately i need to change it. Also i am not able to personally visit the Axisbank, i would like to to change it online only.
    Please do the needful. Its very strange we can update email, address and other details but we are not able to update our phone number through internet banking.

    Please do the needful. I am sure that will solve many’s issues.

  11. hello! can we change our mobile number from any branch, state,city,etc??….

  12. During this lockdown we couldn’t visit the Axis bank…. Is it permissible ????to send email to change my old phone number to the virugambakkam branch which is not in existence.

  13. now i am in UAE. SMS is not getting due to mobile net connetion not available. How i can change my mobile no. from UAE.
    I want to change to UAE mobile No. is it acceptable ?
    if not what is the solution?
    I have urgent pending transaction
    your urgent response will be highly ppr

  14. Dear Sir,

    I am Mylakara Abdul Fathah, holding account in Eldams road branch Chennai. At present I am in UAE. April First week I used the online facilities. Now I tried to login it asking OTP. The registered phone number (india airtel number) is out of order (I am not getting any message). I reacharged the phone throgh my family in india even though I am not getting the OTP Message. Axis application shows the message: “your SMS has failed, please try again later). now i am unable to use online transfer since i have urgent transaction is pending.
    I want to change the registered mobile No. to UAE Tel. phone number is it acceptable?

  15. Sir / Madam,
    Hi sir I am Amol Patale. Plz sir / Madam change my mobile number becoz registered mobile number is not working so I will change my mobile number

  16. Hi, sorry to say that there is no ONLINE facility available to change the mobile number if your old number is lost. Please visit your bank branch to change it to new number

  17. sir mujhe mobile no change kerna h per me dubai me hu or mera india ka registered no bhi kho gya h to pls betaye ki me dusra no kse update keru

  18. Yes.. Axis Bank Does not give permission to change mobile number by Internet Banking.

  19. You are wrong. Axis Bank Does not give permission to change mob no through Internet Banking. There only Two option ATM and go to your nearest Axis Branch.