How to download Capital First loan NOC? [In just 2 minutes]

Capital First is a consumer durable loan provider in India. You can avail No Cost EMI from Capital First for your mobile, refrigerator, AC, Two-wheeler, etc. If you have taken a loan from capital first and completed all EMIs, you must download the No Due Certificate / NOC letter and Account statement. In today’s article, We will learn how to download capital first loan NOC online and offline in a step-by-step manner.

How to download Capital First loan NOC? [In just 2 minutes] 1

Requirements to download Capital First Loan NOC

  1. A registered mobile number must be with you to log in to your capital first account.
  2. Loan account number
  3. In the case of a Vehicle loan, you must produce an RC copy to get the NOC letter.

With these two things, you can download your NOC letter easily.

How to download Capital First Loan NOC?

There are several methods to get the NOC of your completed loan.

  1. By logging into the Capital First portal website
  2. Using IDFC First Bank App App
  3. By downloading NOC received over Email
  4. Request NOC by sending an Email to IDFC first bank customer care
  5. Request for NOC from your Dealer store.

We will see each method in detail –

Method 1 – How to download Capital First Loan NOC from the online portal?

You can log in to your account to download the no-dues certificate for your completed loan.

  1. Open the Capital First Customer Portal on your computer/smartphone.
  2. On the page, enter your registered mobile number and Date of birth (in DD-MM-YYYY). Fill in the captcha correctly and click on the LOGIN button.
  3. You can also log in using Customer ID and the password if you know.
  4. Enter the OTP which you have received on the registered mobile phone.
  5. From the homepage of your account, click on the “Completed Loans” option.
  6. Then select the loan number and click on “Download NOC.”download noc certificate from capital first portal

Save the PDF file to your computer/phone, which you can print wherever you want.

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Method 2 – How to download Capital first loan NOC from IDFC first bank App?

You can download the No Dues Certificate from IDFC First Bank mobile app. To register on the app, you must know the customer ID of your loan account.

  1. Download the IDFC First Bank mobile app on your computer/smartphone.
  2. Register on the app using the Customer ID and the OTP received on the registered mobile number.
  3. Once the registration is completed, press “LOANS” menu option from the bottom menu.
  4. Tap on the “MY LOANS” option from the top menu. (Swipe left/right to get the option).
  5. Under the Closed Loans section, tap on “See More” to get the loan closed loans in idfc first bank app
  6. Tap on the loan number, and then from the new page, tap on the “Documents” option.
  7. You can now view the No Objection Certificate download option.tap on download noc from idfc first bank app

The PDF file of NOC letter will be saved to the phone.

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Method 3 – How to download capital first Loan NOC received over Email?

If you have provided an email ID during the loan process, capital first sends the NOC over mail once the last EMI is paid. You can download the NOC letter from your email inbox.

  1. Login to your mail account.
  2. Search for “Capital First NOC” in the search bar.
  3. From the results, find the NOC certificate email sent by Capital First.
  4. Open the email and download the PDF file of your NOC letter.

The PDF file of NOC letter will be saved to the phone/computer, which you can print whenever you want.

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Method 4 – Request NOC by sending Email to customer care

If you don’t have a registered mobile number with you and haven’t received NOC over email, you can request the NOC by sending an email.

  1. Login to your email ID.
  2. Create a new Email. In the “To” section, enter the capital first customer care email ID – [email protected].
  3. Write the requested email by mentioning your name, loan number, customer ID, and registered mobile number.

Draft Email format to request capital First NOC by email –

Dear Sir,

I am [YOUR NAME] requesting you to please provide the NOC letter for my completed loan with Capital First Finance.

Loan Number - [LOAN NUMBER]


Registered Mobile Number - [YOUR MOBILE NUMBER]

Last EMI date - XX-XX-XXXX

Yours Sensiorly, 

[your name]

For a two-wheeler loan or car loan, you must provide the RC copy to get the NOC letter and form 35. Attach your RC copy to the above request email in the pdf format or image format and send the email.

After email reception, Capital First Customer Care will send you the reply SMS within 7 days with the NOC letter and form 35.

Method 5 – How to get NOC for Capital first Loan from the dealer?

For your electronic item purchases, such as a Mobile phone, Fridge, AC, TV, etc., you can request the NOC from the dealer from whom you have purchased the item.

  1. Call or visit the dealer and ask for the NOC letter.
  2. Proceed them with your name, loan number, date of birth, etc., for verification.
  3. The executive will fetch the certificate for you and tell you the date and time to collect the NOC.
  4. Visit the dealer shop as per the given time and collect your Capital first NOC certificate.

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Summary –

You can easily download Capital First Loan NOC from their online portal. If you don’t have a loan number/registered mobile number with you, you can also get the NOC by various methods explained in this guide. If you have any queries/doubts regarding the information of Capital First NOC, please write to us in the comment section below.

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  2. Capital First is merged with IDFC First Bank, You can contact them or login to the app to get your NOC.

  3. This financial company very poor at noc send time there is response for noc after ur loan closed im nover take loan again with this capital first loan

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