How to get customer ID in IDFC first Bank? Within just 2 minutes

IDFC First Bank provides many online services to its customers for easy access to their accounts. You can do almost everything via Internet banking, Mobile Banking on your computer/smartphone. Every Customer has been assigned a unique Customer ID. This customer ID is required for availing many such online services. In case you forgot customer ID in IDFC First Bank, then this article is for you. In this guide, we will see how to get customer ID in IDFC first bank without going to a bank branch.

How to get customer ID in IDFC first Bank

Things required to get customer ID for IDFC first bank

  1. Welcome Kit
  2. IDFC Netbanking user ID and Password
  3. IDFC App login PIN

How to get IDFC first bank Customer ID

There are currently four ways to get your customer ID

  1. IDFC customer ID by SMS.
  2. Welcome Kit
  3. Via Internet Banking
  4. Via Mobile App
  5. On the Account statement

Method 1 – How to get IDFC customer ID by SMS?

You can now directly get the IDFC Customer ID on SMS without login into net banking or mobile banking.

  1. Go to the Retrieve Customer ID website –
  2. Enter your registered mobile number and click on Proceed button.enter mobile number to get idfc customer id by sms
  3. Now, enter the OTP that is received on your registered mobile number and click on Verify option.
  4. Your customer ID is now sent to your registered mobile number by SMS. Check your SMS to view the IDFC customer ID.get customer id by sms

Method 2 – How to get customer ID in IDFC First Bank using Welcome Kit

  1. Get the welcome kit that you have received while opening your IDFC first bank account.
  2. On the first page of the welcome letter, you can view the customer id printed along with other details like name and account number.

Method 3 – How to get IDFC first bank customer ID using Internet Banking

If you don’t have a Welcome kit but have internet banking access, you can easily find IDFC Customer ID.

  1. Open IDFC first bank Internet Banking website on your computer/smartphone –
  2. Log in using your registered mobile number and net banking password.
  3. Now, on the left side of the screen, you can view the account holder’s name and Customer ID for the account.get idfc customer id by netbanking

Method 4 – Get Customer ID in IDFC first bank using IDFC App

  1. Open IDFC first mobile banking app
  2. Login with a four-digit PIN
  3. Swipe from the left side of the screen to open the menu.
  4. You can view the Customer ID and account holder’s name.

Method 5 – How to Get customer ID in IDFC first bank from the account statement

  1. You can download your account statement to view your customer ID. Know how to download IDFC first bank account statement PDF.
  2. Open the PDF, which is received over Email.
  3. You can now view the Customer ID mentioned in the account statement.

For IDFC Credit Card Users –

You can get Customer ID by following methods =

> Welcome Kit received along with IDFC credit card has an IDFC customer ID printed on it.

> The SMS received when your IDFC First Credit card is approved contains IDFC customer ID. You can search the SMS and retrieve the customer ID.

How to get Customer ID via Email? (for both account holders and Credit card holders)

If your mobile number is registered with the bank, you can easily get your Customer ID by email.

  1. Download the IDFC First Bank app on your smartphone.
  2. Open the App and enter your mobile number.
  3. Tap on the “Get customer ID on the registered email” option.
  4. Then enter the OTP, which is received on your phone.
  5. You will now receive an Email with the Customer ID mentioned.

Summary –

You can easily get Customer ID for your IDFC First Bank account. If you have any queries/doubts regarding the information provided in this article, please write to us in the comment section below.

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  1. I just created an account in hdfc Bank and left it I din’t reacive any kit and all and I am reaching messages to pay it what to do