How to withdraw PF online with UAN?

Employee Provident Fund Organisation (EPFO) provides digital services to all employees with UAN and EPFO accounts. Every employee having UAN and EPFO can manage their PF account online using their phone and computer. In this guide, we will learn how to withdraw PF online with UAN. The guide explains the method in step by step manner.

How to withdraw PF online with UAN

Requirements to withdraw PF online –

  1. UAN – Universal Account Number
  2. Password – To log in to the EPF portal, you will need a password. If you haven’t created a password yet, read the UAN activation process.
  3. UAN KYC – You must complete the UAN KYC process, which includes seeding your Aadhar number, PAN, and Bank account details.
  4. Registered Mobile Number – The Mobile number registered in Aadhar should be with you. To complete the PF withdrawal process, OTP will be sent to your Aadhar registered mobile number only.
  5. Bank Account Number – You must know the bank account number. (you will have to enter the whole bank account number during the PF withdrawal process).
  6. Bank Passbook OR Cheque Photo – For proof, you will have to upload Bank Passbook OR Cheque Photo.

How to withdraw PF online with UAN?

Please follow these simple steps to withdraw PF online using your phone –

  1. Open EPF Portal website on your computer/smartphone browser –
  2. Log in on the website using your UAN number and Password.
  3. Once you log into your EPF account, from the main menu, click on the ‘Online Services‘ option.
  4. Now, from the sub-menu, click on the ‘CLAIM‘ option. (If you are using a smartphone to access this site, you might face the problem that the sub-menu is not opening. To fix this issue, you can enable desktop mode from the browser menu.)click on claim option from online services in epf
  5. On the new page, enter your Bank account number and then click on Verify button.enter bank account number to claim pf
  6. Now, a pop-up message shows you to accept terms and conditions. Click on the ‘YES‘ button to on yes button to agree pf withdraw terms and conditions
  7. Now from the same page, click on the ‘Proceed for online Claim‘ on proceed for online claim button
  8. On the new page, select the Withdraw Type – for most of the employees, it will be Advance claim. If you have left the working for more than 90 days, you can select ‘form 19 or 10C&10D.enter pf withdraw amount
  9. You can now select the PF account from which you want to withdraw pf online with UAN.
  10. Enter the Amount to be withdrawn and also select the Reason to withdraw PF.
  11. Also, enter the Address of the employee and finally upload the Bank Passbook OR Cheque Photo.
  12. Ensure that Bank Passbook OR Cheque Photo should e JPG format and size should be between 100KB to 500KB.
  13. At the end of the form, tick a mark in front of the Consent statement.
  14. Finally, click on the ‘Get Aadhar OTP‘ on get aadhar otp button
  15. You will now receive an OTP on your Aadhar registered mobile number. Enter the OTP on the page and click on the ‘Verify’ button.
  16. Once the OTP is verified, your online claim to withdraw PF online with UAN will be submitted and sent to the employer and field officer.

The process to submit PF claim is completed. You can now wait till the request is approved.

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How to track EPF claim status online?

You can track the claim status online from the EPF website –

  1. From the main menu, click on Online Services.
  2. From the sub-menu, click on the ‘Track Claim Status‘ option.
  3. You can now view the Online Claim status of your pf withdraw claim status
  4. If you see ‘Sent to Field office,’ it means your application is sent to epf office for approval.
  5. If you see ‘Claim Settled‘ it means your claim is approved, and the amount is sent to a bank account. Expect the money in 3 to 4 working days.


In this guide, we have seen How to withdraw PF online with UAN. In case you have any doubts regarding the information provided about UAN, EPF you can write your queries, doubts in the comment section below.

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