IDBI ATM PIN generation in just 2 minutes

IDBI Bank account holders can generate PIN for their ATM card/debit card using their mobile number by calling the customer care number. You can also generate PIN from the nearest IDBI ATM. In this guide, we will see how to do IDBI ATM PIN generation for your debit card by sitting at home and from nearest ATM in step by step manner.

IDBI ATM PIN generation

Things required for IDBI ATM PIN generation –

  1. IDBI Customer ID
  2. IDBI Debit card number
  3. Registered mobile number

How to do IDBI ATM PIN generation? Step-by-step process

There are currently two methods available to generate IDBI ATM PIN –

  1. By calling IDBI Customer Care
  2. By visiting the nearest IDBI ATM

we will see each method in detail –

Method 1 – How to do IDBI net banking generation by calling customer care

  1. Get your registered mobile number and dial 18002094324
  2. Once the call gets connected, select the language as per your preference.
  3. Next, from the IVRS menu, select “Generate ATM PIN” (Option2) option.
  4. Now, select “Generate PIN“(Option1) option.
  5. Now, enter your IDBI customer ID
  6. Next, enter the Debit card number.
  7. Once the customer id and card number is verified, you will receive the OTP on your phone.
  8. Enter this OTP when asked.
  9. Once the OTP is verified, you can now set four-digit PIN of your choice.
  10. Again enter the four digit PIN to confirm.

Done! you can now use your debit card at any ATM to withdraw cash.

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Method 2 – How to generate IDBI Debit card ATM PIN by through ATM

You can always visit the nearest IDBI ATM to generate and activate your ATM card.

  1. Get your registered mobile number and then visit the nearest IDBI ATM.
  2. Insert your debit card and select language.
  3. Now, select “Generate ATM PIN” generate atm pin
  4. From the next screen, select “Generate OTP” generate otp in idbi atm
  5. On your registered mobile number, you will receive six-digit OTP and six-figit Request ID.
  6. Now, once again insert your card into the machine and select the language.
  7. Again Select Gnenerate ATM PIN and then select “Validate OTP” validate OTP
  8. Enter the Six-digit OTP from the keypad and select “Confirm” option.
  9. On the next screen, enter the six-digit request ID and select “Confirm” option.
  10. OTP validation is now complete. select continue button to generate PIN.
  11. Enter the four-digit PIN of your choice.
  12. Re-enter the same PIN to confirm.
  13. Done! ATM PIN generation is now complete. You can remove your card safetly.IDBI ATM PIN generation in just 2 minutes 1

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Summary –

You can easily gnerate PIN for your IDBI debit card. In this guide, we seen two different methods for IDBI ATM PIN generation. In case you have any doubt/query regarding the information procided in this article, please let us know in the comment section below.

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