How to change HDFC credit card PIN?

HDFC bank provides most rewarding credit cards in India. If you are a HDFC credit card holder, then this guide is most usefull for you. A PIN is required for PoS and ATM trasanctions. If you forgot the PIN you cannot use it in PoS and ATM transactions. In this guide, we will learn how to change HDFC credit card PIN online through different methods in step by step instructions.

How to change HDFC credit card PIN

Things required to change HDFC credit card PIN online –

Keep these things ready –

  1. HDFC netbanking UserID and Password.
  2. HDFC Mobile App MPIN.
  3. Registered mobile number must be with you.
  4. Mobile should be active to receive OTP.

How to change HDFC credit card PIN – Easy Methods

There are tow methods available –

  1. Using HDFC Net Banking
  2. Using HDFC Mobile App

We will see each method in detail –

Method 1 – How to change HDFC Credit card PIN using Net Banking

  1. Open HDFC Net Banking Website on your smartphone/computer browser –¬†
  2. Login using your User ID and Password.
  3. Enter the OTP received on your registered mobile number.
  4. From the main dashboard, click on ‘Cards‘ option from the main menu.How to activate HDFC debit card for online transaction
  5. Now on the new page, from the left side menu, under Credit card services, select Requests option.
  6. From sub menu, click on ‘Instant PIN Generation‘ on instant pin generation pin option in hdfc net banking
  7. On the new page, select  your credit card and then enter new PIN of your choice.enter your new hdfc credit card pin
  8. Next, confirm your action and then select the authentication method as OTP on mobile number.
  9. Enter the OTP received on you registered mobile number and press Continue button.
  10. You new PIN for HDFC credit card is now credit card pin is set

Method 2 – How to change HDFC credit card PIN using HDFC Mobile App

  1. Open the HDFC Mobile app on your smartphone.
  2. Enter the MPIN or authenticate using fingerprint.
  3. From the main dashboard, tap on Menu icon.
  4. Then select Pay cards option from hdfc mobile app
  5. From sub-menu, tap on ‘Cards‘ option.
  6. Now, from the new page, tap on your credit credit card.
  7. Now, select ‘Change PIN‘ change pin option in hdfc app credit card section
  8. Enter your NEW PIN on the screen.enter your new hdfc credit card pin in hdfc app
  9. Re-enter your PIN for verification.
  10. Also, tick I accept statement and then press CONFIRM button.
  11. Select the OTP verification using Mobile otp verification method
  12. You will now receive an OTP on registered mobile number.enter the otp to change hdfc credit card pin
  13. Enter the OTP on the given field and then press CONTINUE credit card pin set successfully through app

Your PIN is now set successfully.

Summary –

In this guide, we have seen two easy methods on how to change HDFC credit card PIN. If you have any queires regarding HDFC credit card, let us know in the comment section below.

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