How to Reset RBL bank net banking password? [In just 2 minutes]

RBL bank provides digital banking facilities to their customers by holding savings accounts, credit cards, loan accounts, etc. In case you have an RBL bank account and forgot the Internet banking password, then you must reset the password to avail the many banking facilities online using your phone or computer. In this guide, we will see a detailed guide on how to reset RBL bank net banking password online without going to the bank.

Reset RBL bank net banking password

Things required to reset RBL Bank net banking password online

You must fulfil/collect the following things to change your RBL password.

  1. Registered mobile number – The mobile number registered with the bank should be with you.
  2. The mobile number should be active and able to receive SMS
  3. You must know the RBL net banking USER ID. If you don’t know the user ID, read the guide on how to reset rbl user ID online.
  4. Debit Card Details – If you have an account with RBL bank, then you must have a debit card number, expiry date, and CVV.
  5. Credit Card Details – if you have an RBL Bank credit card, then you can enter your credit card number, expiry date, and CVV or ATM PIN to reset RBL Bank net banking password.
  6. If you are an NRI customer, then you must have a CIF number and Passport Number with you.
  7. If you don’t have a Debit card or credit card currently, you can enter the Security Answer.

How to reset RBL bank internet banking password online

You can use your phone or computer to reset the password by sitting at home. make sure that your registered mobile number is with you and active to receive an OTP via SMS.

  1. First of all, open the RBL Internet banking website on your computer/smartphone –
  2. Click on the LOGIN button and select the Personal Banking Or Online Card Account option from the login menu.
  3. Now, on the new window, click on the “Forgot password” on forgot password to reset rbl netbanking password
  4. From the new page, enter your “User ID” and click on the Continue button. Read how to recover RBL bank user ID.enter your rbl user id
  5. Now, on the new page, you can view different methods to reset password. You can select a debit card, credit card, security questions, or Passport method to reset rbl netbanking password
    1. Debit Card – Enter the debit card number and Expiry date in MM/YYYY, CVV number, Or Debit card PIN.
    2. Credit Card – enter the credit card number, CVV, and Expiry date in MM/YYYY.enter your rbl credit card details
    3. Passport(for NRI customers only) – Enter the CIF number and Passport number.
    4. Set Security Answer – Enter the Answers to your security questions.
  6. Once entered details entered by you are verified, you can now verify your identity via OTP. Click on the “Generate OTP” button to generate OTP, you will receive OTP on your registered mobile number.enter otp received on your phone
  7. Enter the OTP received on your mobile number and then click the Continue button.
  8. You can now reset RBL bank net banking password. Enter the password of your choice in the required format two times correctly. Then click on Submit button. The password format required is given below.enter new rbl net banking password

RBL password Format –

rbl new password format

  1. Password must be between 8 to 28 characters
  2. Password should contain at least one small capital Alphabet.
  3. Must contain at least one number.
  4. Should contain at least one special character (#,@,*,$, etc)
  5. Your password cannot be similar to the last 3 passwords.

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Summary –

You can easily reset RBL bank net banking password using your phone by sitting at home. If you have any doubts/queries regarding the information provided about resetting rbl net banking password, please write to us in the comment section below.

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