RBL reward points redeem: How to redeem RBL reward points?

RBL bank offers credit cards/ debit cards with various offers to benefit its customers. There are reward points for every credit card use/ debit card use. Also, the bank provides offers to get reward points. You can then redeem these reward points to get various services/products. In this guide, we will see how to do rbl reward points redeem and step by step process for RBL rewards point use in detail.

RBL rewards point use

Things required for RBL reward points redeem

  1. RBL credit card or Debit card with the card number.
  2. You Date of Birth (Card holder’s date of Birth)
  3. Registered Mobile Number.
  4. Valid Email ID to set it as a User ID.

Step by step procedure for RBL reward points redeem

  1. Open RBL rewards website on your phone/computer. – https://www.rblrewards.com/
  2. Now, click on the Register option at the top of the Homepage.
  3. On the new page, enter your card number and date of birth and then click on GENERATE OTP button.enter card number to register for rbl rewards
  4. On the new page, enter the OTP received on your phone and click on the OK button.
  5. Now, enter your Email ID as your User ID and password of your choice. (Do not enter Email password here).enter user id as your rbl rewards user id
  6. Once the Password is Re-entered, click on CREATE MY ACCOUNT button.
  7. Now, your account is created. Click on Login button and login with your email id and password.
  8. Now, you are on the Homepage of your RBL rewards account. You can see your RBL rewards points at the top of the page.
  9. There is various service you can avail by breeding your RBL reward points.
    • A. Travel – You can Book a Flight ticket or book a Hotel using your available reward points.
    • B. Recharge – You can recharge a mobile number using this feature.
    • C. Shop – Here, various household appliances are available to shop, like electronics, jewellery, mobiles, books, kids, educational stuff, etc.
    • D. Vouchers – You can purchase a voucher of various online or offline stores including Amazon, Flipkart, Bata, Big Bazaar, etc.
  10. You can redeem your points for any of the services above and complete the transaction by entering OTP received on your mobile number.

What is RBL credit card reward points value in rupees –

In RBL, 5 reward points are equal to 1 rupee. So 1 reward point is equal to 20 paise.

Also, there is a restriction – You can only redeem for a recharge if you have a minimum of 1000 reward points.

Important condition about RBL reward points redeem –

For every reward point redemption transaction, you will have to pay 99 Rs. + GST in your next bill. So, choose a product with higher reward points to fully consume your points in one go, so that you don’t have to pay 99 rs for every transaction.

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RBL reward points redeem – purchase a product using RBL reward points

  1. Go to the Shop section from the main menu and select the category you want to purchase an item from. Or simply browse all items and choose a product you like.
  2. Make sure that you have sufficient RBL reward points to redeem for that particular product. To view the details and specification of the product, click on the name of the product.
  3. Click on the Add to cart button once you finalize the product.
  4. On the new page, check your order and click on Proceed to Payment button.
    proceed for payment to redeem rbl points
  5. Now, enter your shipping address correctly and then click on the Save and Continue button.
    enter shipping address
  6. On the next step, confirm your order and click on Confirm order button.
  7. Now, choose the mode of payment. Here select, Pay by Points option.
    mode of payment for rbl rewards shopping
  8. In the next step, confirm the points to be used to purchase the item you selected and make the payment.
  9. Your order is now submitted, and you will get the order ID on the screen.

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RBL rewards order tracking –

  1. login to your rbl rewards account from rblrewards.com
  2. Go to the footer of the webpage and click on “Track your Order” option.
    enter the order number in reb rewards site
  3. You can now see the status of your order.

RBL reward points redeem and use – recharge mobile number

  1. login to your account and click on recharge option.
  2. Now, enter your mobile number, operator name, operator circle and amount of recharge.
  3. On the next page, you can see the points to be used to complete your recharge.
  4. Confirm your order and select Recharge option.

Your recharge will be done within 4 hours of time. Remember that you should have 1000 reward points to recharge a number. You cannot recharge if you have less than 1000 points.


This guide explains to you, how to do rbl reward points redeem and what is the RBL reward point used by various methods. If you have any queries regarding this guide, feel free to write them down in the below comment section.

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