How to do Indian bank SMS banking registration? [1 minute read]

Indian Bank provides SMS banking for banking on the go. You can check your balance, see the mini statement, check the deposit status, and more with this service. You will first need to register for the service to get all these features. I have explained how to do Indian bank SMS banking registration in this post.

Indian bank SMS banking registration

Things required to do SMS banking registration in Indian Bank

  1. Mobile number registered with the bank.
  2. SMS registration form.

How to do Indian Bank SMS banking registration?

  1. Visit the nearest branch of Indian Bank and go to the help desk
  2. Ask for the ‘SMS registration form’.
  3. Fill out the form and enter all the details required in the form.
  4. Don’t forget to tick in front of the SMS banking option.
  5. Please submit the form to the respective executive and sign it in front of them.
  6. Now, your mobile number will be configured for SMS banking, and the MPIN will be sent to your address within seven days.
  7. Once the MPIN is received, please wait 48 hours to activate it.
  8. After activation, you can use your registered number to check the SMS, mini statement, etc.

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In this guide on how to register for SMS banking in Bank of India, you can Activate SMS banking for your account. If you have any queries regarding this post, please write below in the comment section.

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