How to redeem reward points in Kotak credit card? [In just 5 minutes]

Kotak Mahindra Credit Card users can earn rewards points for using their Kotak credit card at online/PoS machines. Users can then redeem the rewards points accumulated for bill payment, gift cards, recharges, etc. In this guide, we will learn how to redeem reward points in Kotak Credit Card online in step-by-step instructions.

How to redeem reward points in Kotak credit card

Requirements to redeem reward points in Kotak Credit Card –

  1. CRN number of your Kotak Credit card account.
  2. The registered mobile number must be with you.

Once you have all the required details, let’s learn the full process.

How to redeem reward points in Kotak Credit card online?

Follow these exact steps –

  1. Open Kotak Rewards website on a computer/smartphone –
  2. Click on Menu icon at the top of the page.
  3. Select ‘Login‘ option.
  4. Enter your CRN number and click on Get OTP button.enter crn to login to kotak rewards
  5. Enter the OTP received on your registered mobile number. You are now logged in to the Kotak Rewards portal.
  6. Here, you can select redemption from different channels, such as shopping vouchers, travel, flight, hotel, and cashback.redeem options in kotak
  7. Since we have convenience in Cashback redemption option, we selected the same.
  8. On the new page, click on cashback and then select card type and your credit card number from the drop-down list.redeem kotak reward points to cashback
  9. Now, you can see the points accumulated on your card.
  10. Enter the points in multiple of 400 and press Submit button.
  11. Enter the OTP received on your registered mobile number and click on Submit button.

Your rewards points are now redeemed to selected category. In case of cashback redemption, the amount will be credited to your card account within 2 business days. In case of voucher redemption, the voucher details will be sent to your registered email address and mobile number.

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Kotak credit card reward points value in rupees –

Since Kotak reward points have different values as per your credit card variant.

Here are the Kotak Rewards (KR) value as per points accumulated into your card.

The KR value in rupees is 0.25Rs, which is 4 KR = 1 Rs.

For Example – kotak credit card 10,000 reward points value in rupees in Royal Signature credit card is 4000 Kotak Rewards = 4000 KR which is converted to ruppes in 1000 Rs.

How to redeem Kotak reward points for Amazon Voucher?

You can also purchase Amazon vouchers using Kotak Reward points.

  1. Go to ‘My Profile‘ section and click on ‘Vouchers‘ on voucher option in kotak rewards
  2. Then select the amount of Amazon voucher as per your reward points the amount of amazon voucehr
  3. On the new page, you can see the Amazon voucher value and amount to Kotak Rewards required to redeem this voucher. Here, click on ‘Add to Cart‘ option.add to card in kotak rewards
  4. Enter the Personal Details on the next page.
  5. Now, you can select ‘Redeem using Reward points‘ option.on payment details select kotak rewards option and click on pay button
  6. Click on PAY button to purchase vourher.

Your Amazon gift card will be sent to your registered email address.

Summary –

In this guide, we have seen how to redeem reward points in Kotak credit card and also redeem Amazon vouchers. If you have any queries regarding the information provided in the article, let us know in the comment section below.

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