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  1. No need to deposit any amount to get passbook. Please meet branch manager and tell them about this.

  2. the employee in the bank has asked me to pay Rs 5000 inorder to get a passbook and he said it will be refunded after 7 days. Is that really necessary?? i thought passbooks are free

  3. mujhe apna account ki passbook leni hai passbook Do Bar Maine apply kar diya lekin Abhi Tak Nahin I hai

  4. আমি passbook এখনও পাইনি address ভুল হওয়ার কারণে আমি ব্যাংকের গিয়ে address change করে এসেছি কিন্তু passbook অনলাইন এর মাধ্যমে apply করতে বলা হয়েছিল কিন্তু কিছু হচ্ছেনা আমার passbook টা খুব দরকার plz sir ওর mam এই help ta করলে চিরকালের মতো কৃতজ্ঞতা জানাই

  5. I have requested to you please apply my passbook I am visit nearest branch but denied to branch passbook apply for online but I have unable to do applying the passbook

  6. I Shamshad Khanam . SB account no.5348404923 request you to kindly provide me the pass book for my use. my address is as mentioned below.
    #244. 2 floor. 6A main,9 Cross, HMT LAYOUT, opp.V.V. PARK. RT NAGAR, Bangalore. 560032

  7. Dear sir/mam
    Muje passbook chahiye kb milega kal bank me Jake mil Sakta hy kya please sir reply fast

  8. Hi i have opened the kotak account online but didnt received the passbook and there is option appear to apply passbook online . And i cant reach customer care on cal

  9. my account is zero balance account so in home branch they said u wont get passbook so what should i do now how to apply

  10. Hi, can I get the passbook from my nearest bank or i need to get it only from home branch.?

  11. Sir iam Alamin Shaikh before iam opening my account Kotak Mahindra Bank but don’t have my account so please help me sir give me account or check book Any one please please help me sir

  12. Sir iam Alamin Shaikh c/o-Asgor Ali before my account application complete ihave my cheque book and atm card now give me passbook so please help me sir

  13. What are the documents need to be given if I want to go to the home branch and ask for the passbook and also will they give me passbook as my account is zero balance account

  14. opened an salary account through company….wanted to apply pf amount…..I have visited near by branch …..I said tht passbook printer is not available…. home branch is too far from here…… is there any other way to get passbook

  15. I had my same concern like you priynka but all I want to say is this is one of the most ridiculous bank i have ever seen. There staff is useless and only meant for robbery thats it!

  16. I have requested online for my kotak bank passbook. can anyone collect it from nearest branch or I will have to go there to collect it? Can we collect it from our working place branch?

  17. I opened a kotak 811 zero balance online account. And i want my passbook but when i was applied for my passbook it’s not working! Why?

  18. My home branch isn’t giving the passbook althoughI have Activated my passbook online

  19. I have my account in Bangalore jaksandra branch.how can apply for Bank passbook details n online and deliver in post

  20. Ia m from mumbai and my kotak 811 account branch is at gol deval mumbai. We i asked for passbook they said that there is no passbook issue for 811 account but there is passbook for 811 account. I am already apply for passbook from kotal mahindra band application and it was successful but the bank is not ready to give. Now what should i do?

  21. Are there any charges for the passbook of the Kotak 811 Full KYC account? or it is FREE of charge?

  22. क्या ये सुरक्षित है?

  23. If I open ACCOUNT online..then how I get my passbook and debit card???

  24. why This option is not providing this facility. I m trying to apply for online passbook. And due to covid19 situation branch is also closed .and I need a passbook urgently .so what’s the solution ??how can I apply for passbook ? In this app this option is not working

  25. I have requested for passbook before 1 year but now I don’t have service request ID to collect passbook. What should I do?

  26. Login to Nebanking, you find the branch name and address. Read the above guide for step by step procedure

  27. If the account was opened online (kotak 811). How can we know the home branch?

  28. My company provides the kotak 811 account for everyone but we didn’t get passbook,its home branch in MG road bangalore but now am in my native so can i get passbok from my native branch??


  30. Request them to give passbook they will surely give. I have done the same and they issued me a passbook with attested photograph

  31. Hello ,

    I have a 811 account and done full KYC, will i get the passbook as i have applied.

    Secondly will the home branch attest with my picture on the passbook as i need to renew my passport and the the passport office is asking for the passbook along with my picture.

    please advise.

  32. Many people are saying branch saying we don’t provide passbook for 811 account just same like me. Guide us. Many time we require passbook front page.

  33. I did full kyc but and i also applied for passbook but they are saying that we do not provide passbook to kotak 811 holders what should i do

  34. I want to apply for pass book for first time , did they charge any amount if yes how much & within how many days i get my pass book

  35. I had applied for check book in Kotak Mobile banking .in the cheque book my name is printed or not ???

  36. Please request them to get the passbook by telling them that you need it for documentt purpose or anything else. You may get the card for sure

  37. I have kotak 811 account and i have also applied for passbook by kotok mobile app but the hone branch told me that we can’t provide passbook for 811 zero balance account
    So what should I do now

  38. No document is required while requesting a passbook. Please visit the branch after 2-3 days to get the passbook

  39. You can apply for passbook and get it from the branch. Passbook will be printed with your name.

  40. When I joined kotak we had opened a/c as kotak 811 zero balance a/c
    We were only provided with debit card and cheque in which my name is not printed.
    Now when I want to apply for pf I need a passbook or cheque with my name printed on it
    What should I do ?
    Apply for passbook?

  41. Yes, You can try it but we suggest to go to Hyderabad bank as it is your home branch.

  42. Home branch means, as my account is online, i kept address as hyderabad, now i am in karnataka.. Can i go karnataka branch and can i show my passboom actvation number?

  43. I have my kotak 811 account, i have applied passbook in online but i am not in my residence. Iam in other state. Will i get passbook from other state kotak bank?

  44. After activating request for passbook do I have to wait for 5 days or I can go to the branch after receiving the confirmation message like in some hours or within 1 day

  45. I have kotak 811 account and i have also applied for passbook by kotok mobile app but the hone branch told me that we can’t provide passbook for 811 zero balance account
    So what should I do now?

  46. Hi, you can open digi bank account online. Just follow this guide – How to open Digibank account online within 10 minutes