Kotak net banking password reset step by step guide

Netbanking is a widely used online service in the banking sector. From checking balance to transfer money, all banking tasks can be done via internet banking. However, if you forgot the password of your internet banking, you may lose such a great online service tool. In this guide, I have explained Kotak net banking password reset step-by-step guide in very simple descriptive steps.

Kotak net banking password reset step by step guide

Kotak Mahindra bank provides great services to its customers. One such service is to reset net banking password online. We will see how it’s done in simple steps.

THings required for Kotak Bank Password reset –

  1. Kotak CRN
  2. Registered mobile number. See how to change mobile number in Kotak Bank.
  3. Date of Birth.
  4. Email ID.
  5. Mother’s Maiden Name.
  6. Debit card / Credit card details.

Kotak net banking password reset step-by-step guide

  1. Open Kotak net banking website on your phone/computer – https://netbanking.kotak.com/knb2/
  2. Click on Forgot password under the password section.
  3. From the new screen, Enter the CRN number of your account. OR, if you have Nickname set to your account, enter it.Kotak net banking password reset
  4. Enter the correct CAPTCHA code and then accept the t&C by clicking the radio button.
  5. Click on the Continue button at the bottom.
  6. On the next screen, you have to answer 2 questions to verify it’s you.
  7. Select Date of Birth and Registered Mobile number for fast processing.Kotak net banking password reset
  8. Now, on the next screen, you have to select the password generation method. The best method is to select Debit Card/Virtual card.Kotak net banking password reset
  9. If you don’t have a debit card, then select the secret question, credit card option. And if you don’t have any type of card or forgot the secret questions, select the Physical PIN, which will be delivered to your address, and then enter it to generate the password.
  10. Now you will see the Kotak net banking password reset option. Enter the first 6 characters of your temporary password.Kotak net banking password reset
  11. The next 6 characters of a temporary password will be sent to your email and SMS. You have to enter this password combination ( 6 characters you have chosen + 6 characters received over mail) to log in and then select your choice password later.Kotak net banking password reset
  12. Now from the login screen, enter your CRN number and password combination to log in.
  13. Now enter the dynamic code received on mail and mobile number.
  14. Continue the welcome screen, and then you will be asked to change the password to the new password of your choice.
  15. Enter the current password ( the combination) and then the new Kotak net banking password of your choice, re-enter the new password, and then click on the GO button.

That’s it; you have changed your password successfully.

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Summary –

I hope this Kotak net banking password reset guide helped you to get your net banking password back. If you have any type of query question regarding this guide or on any other banking topic, please feel free to comment in the comment section.

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