Online apply for Kotak Mahindra Bank mobile number change

Kotak Mahindra Bank customers can now change the mobile number registered with the bank through online net banking and via the ATM. In this article, I have explained how to a mobile number in Kotak Bank via net banking and Kotak mobile app.

Online apply for Kotak Mahindra Bank mobile number change 1

Changing the mobile number registered in Kotak Bank is very easy now. Previously you had to go to the bank fill up the form and wait for days to change mobile number in Kotak Bank. But in the digital world, you can do this activity very easily. Let’s see how to get the job done by mentioning 2 ways.

Things required to change mobile number in Kotak Bank –

  1. You must have an old registered mobile number with you.
  2. New mobile number with an active plan so that you can send SMS from this number.
  3. Kotak 811 App if you want to do this process using a smartphone
  4. An internet connection on the computer if you want to complete the mobile number update process on your computer.

How to change mobile number in Kotak Mahindra Bank?

Important Update [ January 2022]- Since the new update, Kotak Bank has removed the option to change mobile number using internet banking or Mobile Banking App. Therefore the methods below may not work for all. The only option is to visit the home branch and submit the mobile number update Form to update to new number.

As earlier said, we have a total of two ways to change your mobile number. We will see them one by one.

But, keep in mind that, to register your new mobile number, you need to have your old mobile number accessible to you.

Method 1 – Kotak Mahindra Bank mobile number change via Netbanking

In this method, you need to have an internet banking user id and password ready with you. If you don’t have internet banking access, then follow Kotak bank net banking registration guide to take your account online.

If you already have internet banking, but forgot the password then follow this how-to guide Kotak net banking password reset guide to recover your password or change it.

  1. Step1: Open Kotak net banking website in your mobile’s/computer browser.
  2. Step2: Login with your user ID/Kotak CRN number and password.
  3. Step3: Now, enter the OTP received on your Mobile number to login to your account.
  4. Step4: From the main dashboard, click on the ‘Profile Update‘ on profile update
  5. Step4: On the next page, click the Edit option placed next to your contact on edit mobile number
  6. Step5: Enter your new mobile number on the next screen and click the Submit button.
  7. Step6: Now, select the verification method to verify that the entered mobile number is yours. Select the OTP method and enter the received OTP.
  8. Step7: Click on the Submit button, and your mobile number will change within 24 hrs.

This is a much easy process as it looks.

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Method 2 – Kotak Mahindra Bank mobile number change via Kotak Mobile Banking App

If you don’t have a pc or good net speed, then you can use the Kotak Bank mobile banking app to change the mobile number with your new number.

  1. Step1: First, you have to download the Kotak Mobile Banking app from the Play Store / App Store. Download it from here –
  2. Step2: Now login with CRN number and OTP received on your
  3. Step3: From the dashboard of the app, tap on the Service Request option from the bottom menu.Kotak Mahindra Bank mobile number change
  4. Step4: Now tap on the Profile option and then select the Mobile number Update option.
  5. Step5: Now, enter your new number and re-enter it again to re-confirm.Kotak Mahindra Bank mobile number change

That’s it; your new number is now updated with the bank.

Apart from these two methods, you can Kotak Mahindra Bank mobile number change via ATM Center also and at last, you can go to your Kotak bank branch and fill-up the form.

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Summary –

I hope this guide helped you and got the idea of the Kotak Mahindra Bank mobile number change procedure via net banking and mobile app. If you have any doubts, please let me know in the comment section below.

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    If not, can my dad go on behalf of me and change the number ?
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  24. Dear
    I have tried both the options now and my understanding is:

    1. Through Netbanking, it shows as “Technical Error and try after sometime”.
    2. Through Mobile App, the mobile change option has been taken off.

    So the fact is you have to visit the bank for doing this task under this modern age of digitization.

    Isn’t is GREAT!!!!

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  31. Hi,
    please do not share your mobile number or account number anywhere on the internet. You can change your mobile number by yourself by reading the steps given in the article.

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  33. Hi please do not share your mobile number like this to anywhere on the internet. You can change your mobile number yourself by reading the above guide.

  34. My registered mobile number is stolen how to change my registered mobile number? Help!

  35. If the old number is lost/missing, you must visit bank branch to update new mobile number.

  36. For some reasons, Kotak bank have removed mobile number update option for now. Please contact branch for mobile number change.

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  38. Hi Yusuf, First of all, please do not share your personal number or any information on the internet like this which may lead to fraud. Secondly, if you have forgot CRN number and registered number, there is no way to get access to your account online. So please go to the bank branch along with valid ID proof and ask for new mobile linking process. After you link new mobile, you can get your CI number back.

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