What is my Kotak bank statement pdf password?

Kotak Bank provides online services to its customers to manage their accounts on the mobile, computer. An account statement is one of such service which you can get via Email digitally that don’t need to go to the bank and fill the form. You can get the PDF statement via Bank App or internet banking over your email. But to open such a statement, you will need to enter the password. Kotak Bank has set a specific password to protect the account statement. In this guide, we will see what is my Kotak bank statement PDF password and how to remember the Kotak PDF password. We will also see how to remove the password from PDF statement.

What is my Kotak bank statement pdf password

Things required to know Kotak Bank statement PDF file

  1. Download the PDF file received over mail on your computer/desktop.
  2. You should know the CRN number.

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What is Kotak Bank Statement PDF Password

Kotak Bank has set a specific format which creates your unique password.

The current format for Kotak Bank Statement password is your CRN. You need to enter the Customer Reference Number of your account to open the PDF file.

How to remove password from PDF statement

You can permanently remove password from your account statement.

  1. Locate the PDF statement on your computer and right-click on the file.
  2. Select Open with and then click on “Google Chrome” option.
  3. The Bank statement opens in the chrome browser and asks you to enter the password.
  4. Enter the statement password to view the statement details.
  5. Now press Ctrl + P button to open the print option.
  6. Under Destination option, select Print as PDF and the click on Save button.
  7. Select the Location on your computer to save the PDF file with no password.
  8. Password from PDF statement is now removed permanently and you can open the file any time without entering the password.

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How to download Kotak Mahindra Bank Account statement

You can download the kotak bank statement PDF via online banking methods.

  1. Via Kotak Internet Banking – You can login to your account using CRN and Net banking password to download the Account statement in PDF or Excel Format.
  2. Via Kotak 811 App – You can login to Kotak 811 Mobile App using Six digit PIN to download the account statement in PDF format.

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In this guide, we have seen what is my Kotak bank statement pdf password and how to remove password from pdf file. If you have any doubts regarding the information provided in this article, write to us in the comment section below.

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