SBI credit card limit increase tricks and tips

If you are a credit card holder, you might want to increase your credit limit more than you currently have. But there is no easy way other than upgrading to a new credit card variant. But in this guide, I have shared the trick for SBI credit card limit increase if you are an SBI credit card holder, then this guide explains to you how to increase SBI credit card limit by app, in detail and step-by-step manner.

SBI credit card limit increase tricks and tips 1

Things required for SBI credit card limit Increase-

  1. Active SBI credit card
  2. No late EMI’s and dues
  3. On-time payment for your purchases
  4. Some closed EMI’s which were paid on time

How to do SBI Credit Card Limit Increase?

Here are some steps by which you can quickly increase your SBI credit card limit –

Trick 1 – Purchase something on EMI and pay EMI’s on time

With your available limit, try to purchase some goods on EMIs and pay all EMIs on time. You can avail zero-cost EMI benefit on Amazon, and Flipkart offers days so that you can pay some EMI conversion charges.

Once you pay all EMI’s on time, after a few days, you will get SMS and Email about a credit card limit increase.

Trick 2 – Purchase High-Value products and utilize all your credit limit

Try to purchase an item of high value and utilize all your available credit. SBI card offers to overvalue purchases if you pay more amount than your credit limit. For example, if your credit limit is Rs. 33,000 and you have to purchase a laptop worth Rs. 35,000 then you can pay Rs. 2,000 Rs to your credit card, and your limit increases to Rs. 35,000 so that you can purchase that particular laptop.

Trick 3 – Call Customer Care and ask to close your Card and tell the reason for the low credit limit

This method always works and is very simple. Call SBI card Customer care and tell them you want to close your Card because the credit limit is low. You can also tell them that you have another bank credit card with a higher credit limit and the best offers on that Card. Upon verification, they will convince you to keep your Card, and they will increase your limit.

Trick 4 – Manitan your CIBIL score/ Credit Score

sometimes, maintaining your CIBIL score also helps you to increase SBI Credit Card limit. Usually, maintaining a Credit Score above 750 is good practice and helps you to get loans and credit cards easily. Read how to Check your Credit Score for free.

SBI Credit card limit Increase request online from SBI Card App

Here are the steps to increase the SBI card limit by using the app –

  1. Once you got the SMS or Email about the credit limit increase, open the SBI card App on your smartphone. If you don’t have an SBI card app on your phone, you have to install the app and add your Card to the app. Read how to activate the SBI card using app.

    Download SBI card App

  2. From the home screen of the app, open the left side menu by tapping on the 3-line hamburger menu on the top left side of the screen.
  3. Now, tap and select the Services option from the menu.
    click on services option
  4. From the new screen, various services related to your SBI card will be shown. Select Credit Limit Increase option.
    select credit limit increase option
  5. Your new credit limit will be shown on the screen. Accept the t&c statement by fully reading it and tap on the CONFIRM button.
    sbi card credit limit increase notification
  6. On the new Popup screen, a confirmation about your SBI Credit card limit increase is displayed and a Service request number is also mentioned. Click OK to close the window.
    credit limit increase confirmation

You can now go to the home screen you can see the credit limit is increased for free.

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