SBI Credit card activation and set PIN within 5 minutes

SBI card by the State Bank of India provides Credit cards for their customers. If you are an SBI credit cardholder or have applied for an SBI credit card recently, you need to read this post. In this article, I have explained how SBI credit card activation can be done within 5 minutes.

sbi credit card activation process

Things required before SBI credit card activation –

  • You need to have a registered mobile number with you. OR Email ID to receive OTP.
  • A credit card should be with you. Credit card number and CVV must be entered during SBI credit card activation.
  • Your date of birth to verify it’s you.

A] How to activate SBI credit card? – Step by step detailed guide

Follow these simple steps for SBI credit card activation

  1. Open the SBI card website on your computer or smartphone –
  2. Now, click on Register Now! Option from the homepage.register now to activate sbi credit card
  3. On the new screen, enter your SBI credit card number, CVV, and your date of birth correctly. Now click on Proceed button.enter credit card details
  4. The new screen now shows your mobile number and email id in a confidential format. Verify that all details are correct.
  5. Now, check the phone; you should get an OTP. If the code is not received on mobile, check the email. Enter this OTP in the given box and click on Proceed button.enter otp for sbi card activation
  6. Once the OTP is verified, you can now enter the user ID of your choice and the password for sbi card website account login. Click on Confirm button to save the details.create user id and password for sbi credit card activation
  7. You can now see a message that the SBI credit card is activated successfully! On the screen. This means your card is activated card activation successful

You can easily activate the SBI credit card upon receiving it.

The next step of the SBI credit card activation is creating a PIN for online transactions. We will see how to do it.

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B] How to create a PIN for SBI credit card?

  1. Login to the website with the user ID and password you just created by following the above guide.
  2. On the main dashboard of your account, from the left menu, click on the My accounts option.
  3. Now select the Manage PIN on manage pin to set PIN for sbi credit card
  4. On the new screen, select your credit card number from the drop-down list and then click on Generate PIN button.SBI Credit card activation and set PIN within 5 minutes 1
  5. Now, enter the OTP received on your registered mobile number/email id. Then enter the Four Digit PIN of your choice and then click on Submit button.enter new pin for sbi credit card
  6. Your PIN is now set, and you can see the message for the set successfully for sbi credit card

In this way, you can easily set SBI credit card PIN in six steps only.

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Summary –

SBI credit card activation is the first step you have to take after receiving an SBI credit card. You can activate sbi credit card easily using this guide. Also, this guide explained how to set a PIN for SBI credit card for online transactions and ATM transactions.

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