How to do Union bank ATM pin change online

Union Bank of India (UBI) provides online facilities for easy access to account management for its customers. One such service is to change ATM PIN online via phone call. If you forgot the PIN of your Union bank ATM card, then you can easily change it by calling customer care. In this guide, we have explained Union Bank ATM PIN change online via phone call. The guide explains all the information in a step-by-step manner and simple words.

Union bank ATM pin change online

Things required for Union Bank ATM pin change

  1. Mobile Number – Your mobile number should be registered with the bank.
  2. Your mobile must have a recharge/active plan to call and receive OTP SMS.
  3. ATM card number, Expiry date, and CVV number.
  4. 15-digit account number of your union bank account.
  5. Your Date of Birth for account verification.

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How to do Union Bank ATM PIN change via Phone Call

Follow these steps to change the ATM PIN of the UBI account.

  1. First, get the bank-registered mobile number and dial the customer care number from the dial pad.
    Union Bank Customer Care Toll-Free Number – 1800222244 / 18002082244
  2. Once the call gets connected, listen to the instructions about new menu options.How to do Union bank ATM pin change online 1
  3. Select the bank name as Union Bank (3rd Option). (As Andhra Bank and Corporation bank have now merged with Union bank you have to select the bank from this menu.)
  4. Next, select the language you want to hear on the phone call. We will select English (3rd option) for this guide. However, you can select Hindi or your mother tongue from the menu.
  5. Now, Hear the main menu and select the Self PIN generation option. (3rd option)
  6. Select the Duplicate PIN generation option from the next menu. (2nd option)
  7. Now, enter the 15-digit account number of your Union Bank Account, and press 1 to continue.
  8. If you mistakenly entered the wrong number, press 2 to re-enter the account number.

Once the account number is verified, There is now a two-step process. The first step is to generate a Passcode, and the last process is to generate a new PIN.

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Step 1 – Generate Passcode by Sending SMS.

  1. After you enter the account number, IVRS will ask you to enter the date of birth of the account holder. Enter the DOB in DDMMYYYY format. For example, if your date of birth is 1st May 1993, then enter 01051993
  2. Then enter the 16-digit ATM card number.
  3. Enter the Expiry date in MMYY format. For example, if the expiry date is Jun 2023, then enter 0623
  4. If you have entered the above details correctly, your access is validated, and you will receive an 8 digits Passcode on your phone via SMS.
  5. This passcode is valid for 2 hours only.

Step 2 – Generate a new ATM PIN for your Union Bank ATM Card.

  1. Now, press one to continue to generate or Union bank ATM pin change.
  2. Enter the 8-digit Passcode which is received on your mobile via SMS.
  3. Then enter the 3-digit CVV printed on the back side of the debit card.
  4. Once the CVV and passcode are verified, you can set the New ATM PIN.
  5. Enter the 4-digit union bank ATM PIN of your choice.
  6. Re-enter the new 4-digit ATM PIN for confirmation.

Your new ATM pin has been created successfully.

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You can change the Union Bank ATM PIN by calling the customer care phone number. For this process, you don’t need to visit the bank branch, and you can complete this process by sitting at home. If you have any queries/questions regarding this guide about Union bank ATM pin change online, please feel free to write below in the comment section.

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