How to download ICICI bank statement without login?[in 2 minutes]

ICICI bank has a great online banking facility with many features that helps users manage their account with ease on their mobile/computer. One of such services is to download icici bank statement without login. If you don’t have an ICICI net banking login or iMobile access, you can still download your account statement online. In this guide, we will see how to download icici bank statement without login in step by step instructions.

how to download ICICI bank statement without login?

Requirements to download ICICI bank statement without login –

  1. Debit Card Number – You must know a debit card number linked to your ICICI bank account.
  2. Debit Card PIN – You must know the ATM PIN for your debit/atm card.
  3. ICICI Bank Account Number – You must know the bank account number.
  4. Registered Mobile Number – You must have a mobile number with you that is registered in the bank.

How to download ICICI Bank statement without Login?

You can download the ICICI bank statement easily using internet banking and mobile banking app. But due to some reasons, if you cannot log in to the internet banking or mobile banking OR if you don’t have registered for Internet banking, you can follow these steps to get your icici statement without login.

Method 1 – How to download ICICI bank statement without login from ICICI Website?

Please read these steps and get your account statement without login –

  • Step1: Open ICICI bank website on your smartphone/computer –
  • Step2: On the home page, from the main menu, click on the ACCOUNTS on accounts option in icici website
  • Step3: Then under, Savings Account, click on the View Bank statement option at the bottom of the menu on view bank statement
  • Step4: From the new page opened on your screen, click on the View Statement button under the bank statement view statement button to view icici bank statement
  • Step5: On the new page, Enter your ICICI debit card/ATM card number, ATM PIN, and Account number.enter debit card number, pin and account numbet
  • Step6: Once you fill in all the details correctly, click on the Next button.
  • Step7: On the new page, enter the OTP received on your registered mobile number and click on CONFIRM button.
  • Step8: Then, you will have an option to select the Duration of the account statement as last month, last three months, last year, or you can select a custom date from the date picker.
  • Step9: Once you select the duration, select the statement format as PDF and then click on the Download Statement button.
  • Step10: The ICICI account statement will be downloaded to your computer/smartphone storage.
  • Step11: You can open the statement and view it using the PDF viewer app.

Done! with these simple steps, you can download ICICI bank statement without login in online.

Method 2 – Use Whatsapp to get ICICI bank statement without login.

You can use ICICI Whatsapp service to get the last 5 transactions done on your savings account.

  • Step1: Save the ICICI WhatsApp number on your phone – +918640086400
  • Step2: Then, open WhatsApp and start a new chat with ICICI Bank number.
  • Step3: Then, type “Hi” and send.
  • Step4: You will receive the Main menu in a reply.
  • Step5: From the menu, get the number corresponding to the “Account Services” option. Type that number and send.
  • Step6: You will get a reply. Get the number corresponding to the “Check last 5 transactions” option. Type that number and send.
  • Step7: You can now view the last 5 transactions as a reply.

Method 3 – How to get ICICI bank statement without login by SMS

You can also give a missed call to get the mini statement of ICICI bank account without login.

  • Step1: Open the SMS app and create new SMS on your registered mobile number.
  • Step2: Type ITRAN in the text field and then in a To field, enter –
    ICICI mini Statement number – 9215676766
  • Step3: After you send the SMS, you will receive an SMS with the last five transactions.

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In this guide, we have seen three easy methods for the solution of How to download ICICI bank statement without login. If you have any doubts/queries regarding the ICICI bank, please write to us in the comment section below.

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