How to add nominee in hdfc bank online? [In just 5 minutes]

HDFC is the most popular and trusted bank in India as well as abroad. HDFC provides digital banking facilities through which you can do many account and bank related work from your computer or smartphone. One such important thing about every bank account is to add nominee. If you haven’t added nominee in HDFC bank account then this guide is for you. In this guide, we will see how to add nominee in HDFC bank online. You don’t require to visit the bank branch to add nominee to hdfc bank account, you can do it by sitting at home from your fingertips.

How to add nominee in hdfc bank online? [In just 5 minutes] 1

Things required to add nominee in HDFC bank online

  1. Registered Mobile number – You must have a registered mobile number with you to add nominee in hdfc bank online.
  2. HDFC Internet banking access – In case you don’t have netbanking access, then you can easily register for HDFC bank net banking without going to the bank.
  3. Customer ID – You must know the customer ID for your HDFC account to log in to net banking. Know how to get/retrieve HDFC customer ID.
  4. Internet banking password – If you forgot the password, know How to reset hdfc net banking password.

How to Add Nominee in HDFC bank online?

By following the step-by-step guide explained below, you will be able to add nominee to your hdfc bank account.

  1. Open HDFc net banking website on your computer/smartphone –
  2. Now, enter your HDFC net banking Username or Customer ID and click on Continue button.
  3. Now, enter your HDFC net banking Password and click on Login Button.
  4. Once you successfully log in to your, click on “Request” option from the main menu.
  5. Now, click on View / Update Nomination Details option from the on update nomination details in hdfc netbanking
  6. On the new screen, select “View / Update Nomination Details for Savings Accounts & Current Accounts” to add nominee to your saving bank account. Click on Continue button to proceed.
  7. Now, select the account number and then click on Modify nominee option in front of account number.
  8. If the nomination is already added and you want to modify it, you can now view the already registered nomination details. Click on “Modify” button on this page to edit these on modify button to edit nomination details
  9. Now, you can enter the Nominee details in the form opened on the new page.enter new nominee details in hdfc bank
    • Nominee name – Enter the full name of Nominee
    • Date of Birth – Enter DOB in DD/MM/YYYY
    • Relationship with you – Select the relationship of nominee with you.
    • Address – Enter the full residential or permanent address of the nominee with Pincode.
  10. You can click on Continue once you enter all the details correctly.
  11. In case the Nominee age is below 18 Years (i.e Minor) then you need to enter the nominee’s Guardian details.
  12. On the new page, confirm the details you entered and accept the terms and conditions at the bottom of the form. Then click on the “Confirm” button.
  13. Done, your nominee details are now added to the HDFC system.

There is no need to wait to update the nominee details as this process is online and instant.

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How to add nominee in HDFC without netbanking?

In case you don’t have access to Internet banking then you must fill the “hdfc bank nomination form” to add nominee in HDFC bank via branch.

  1. Go to the nearest HDFC bank branch and ask for “hdfc bank nomination form”. Alternatively, you can download the nomination form hdfc website – Forms Center Personal (
  2. Fill the form correctly with all the required details such as – Account number, Nominee full name, address and contact number, Relationship with you, etc.
  3. Finally, do a signature on the form and submit it to the respective executive.
  4. The Bank official will verify your details and give you an Acknowledgement Slip with signature and bank seal.

Nomination details will be added within 7 working days and you will get SMS/email communication after adding the nominee to your account.

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You can add nominee in HDFC bank by sitting at home via HDFC net banking facility. In case you don’t have internet banking access, then you can also visit the bank branch to add nominee to your account. If you have any doubts/queries about the information provided in this article, please write to us in the comment section below.

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