ICICI credit card tracking: How to track ICICI credit card dispatch status

ICICI credit card provides a wide range of advantages and facilities to its customers. In case you have applied for the ICICI credit card and want to track the dispatch status for the same, then this guide is for you. In this guide, we will see ICICI credit card tracking in a step-by-step manner.

icici credit card tracking

Things required for ICICI credit card tracking

  1. Credit card tracking number – You will get this number via SMS and E-mail.
  2. Mobile number – Bank registered mobile number for registering on the iMobile Banking App. (In case you don’t have a tracking number).

How to track ICICI credit card dispatch details?

There are two methods through which you can track the dispatch of your ICICI credit dispatch status. You can track the credit card with the tracking number received via SMS or Email. Also, you can track ICICI credit card even without tracking ID. We will see both methods.

Method 1 – ICICI credit card tracking using a tracking ID.

  1. First of all, check the SMS or Email to get the tracking ID of the courier company through which the card is dispatched.icici credit card tracking number via sms
  2. Open the link given in the SMS or Email for tracking the card.
  3. Enter the tracking number in the given field and click on the Track Shipment button.track icici credit card
  4. You can view the status of your icici credit card. You can also check the expected delivery date of your card.icici credit card tracking using tracking number

Method 2 – ICICI credit card tracking without tracking number.

In case you haven’t got any tracking number, but your card is dispatched then you can track the status of your card using the iMobile App. This method is only for those who already have another ICICI credit card or ICICI bank account.

  1. Download the ICICI iMobile App on your smartphone.

    Download iMobile for Android

    Download iMobile for iOS

  2. Now, you have to register on the iMobile App using your registered mobile number and credit card details. You will need to verify the mobile number by entering OTP.
  3. In the final step, enter the Credit card PIN to complete the registration. If you don’t have a credit card PIN, then generate an ICICI credit card PIN by reading this guide.
  4. Set the App Login PIN of your choice for easy login. You can also set the Fingerprint reader for quick login.
  5. Once you log in to the iMobile App, select the Services option from the bottom menu.click on services option in imobile app
  6. Now, tap on Check Status and then select Track Deliverables.select track deliverables
  7. Select the card number and click on the Submit button.
  8. You can now view the status of your ICICI credit card on the screen.icici credit card tracking using imobile app

In this way, you can easily do ICICI credit card tracking with or without a tracking number.

Summary –

In this guide, we have seen how you can track the ICICI credit card and check the status of your credit card. In case you have any doubts regarding this guide, you can write below in the comment section.

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  1. Hi,
    The second method is for those who already have ICIC credit card or bank account. By login to your iMobile app, you can track the newly ordered credit card or debit card. If you are not able to track the credit card, pleae call customer care and ask for your card delivery status.

  2. Please research before sharing wrong information. To track a credit card delivery status, we only have tracking number and our phone number. How can we know the credit card number before receiving it??? Use common sense.
    sorry if I am missing something but I have tried everything and it’s a loop and can’t get my credit card delivered.