What is my HDFC Statement Password? Remove HDFC Statement PDF Password.

HDFC Bank allows you to receive a Password via Email or download the Statement using an App and internet banking. Once you download the PDF statement, you may need to enter a password to open the PDF file. The bank sets this Password to secure the account statement pdf file so only you can open the file. The Password is made using your details such as account number, name, DOB, mobile number, etc. The bank timely changes the format for HDFC statement password, which you must know before downloading the pdf statement.

what is my hdfc statement password

In this guide, we will see what the HDFC statement password is and how to remove the PDF statement password so that you don’t have to remember the password every time, and you can share the PDF file with someone without a password. Before heading to the actual steps, please read our guide that explains methods to download HDFC Bank statement in PDF format.

What is my HDFC Statement Password?

The statement password requirement is different for different modes of Statement downloaded. You can download HDFC statement from a mobile app, internet banking, or receive it via Email. The password requirement is different for these methods.

A] What is the HDFC Statement Password received via Email?

If you have subscribed to the monthly Statement via Email, you must enter the Password to open the PDF statement.

The Password to open the PDF statement received via Email is your Customer ID.

Forgot your customer ID? Learn how to get HDFC Customer ID from this guide.

B] What is the HDFC Statement password downloaded from the HDFC App?

No password is required to open a PDF statement downloaded from the HDFC App.

C] Password for the Statement downloaded from HDFC Netbanking

No password is required to open the PDF statement downloaded from HDFC Net Banking.

How to remove Password from the HDFC PDF statement?

The information provided about knowing the Password of your HDFC Bank statement required you to enter the Password every time you open the Statement. To avoid this hassle, permanently remove the Password from the pdf.

But, the method needs the file to be opened one time. So you must know the Password of your Statement to open it just once; after that, you can open the PDF file without a password.

  1. Right-click the PDF file on your computer and select Open with Chrome browser OR Edge Browser.
  2. Enter your Password as per the format explained above.
  3. Click CTRL+P to open a print window.
  4. Select Print as ‘Print to PDF.’
  5. Select the page size as A4 and click on Print.
  6. Save the file to your desired location. (e.g., Desktop)
  7. Done! The password from the PDF statement has now been removed.

The detailed step-by-step procedure is in our guide – Removing Password from PDF file.

Summary –

The article shows the HDFC Statement Password downloaded from the App, net banking, and received via email. We have also seen the method to remove thePasswordd from the PDF so that you can share it with someone without needing to tell thePasswordd. If you have any doubts/queries regarding the information provided in the article, do let us know in the comment section below.

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